Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Center For Immigration Studies Unveils Interactive Map of Immigrant Removals By County

An interactive map from the Center for Immigration Studies details the locations and concentrations of immigrants removed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement from October 2008 through February 2015 as part of the Secure Communities program.
In that time frame ICE removed 406,441 people after they were identified through the Secure Communities program, according to CIS. The program was discontinued and replaced with the Priority Enforcement Program as part of President Obama’s November 20, 2014 executive amnesty.
The interactive map, created by CIS experts Jessica Vaughan and Byran Griffith and released Wednesday, reveals the counties with the most removals were Los Angeles County, CA with 35,750 removals, Maricopa County, AZ with 27,361 removals, and Harris County, TX with 25,564 removals.
See the map here.
According to Vaughan and Griffith’s explanation of the data, the “cumulative totals are a function of several factors in combination: 1) the number of non-citizens who were arrested and identified in each jurisdiction; 2) ICE’s ability to take custody and process the aliens who are identified; and 3) the extent of cooperation provided by county sheriffs. The greater the number of criminal alien arrests, ICE capacity, and local cooperation in a jurisdiction, the greater the number of removals ICE can carry out and, by extension, the greater the public safety benefits for each county.”
The report notes that the three counties with the greatest number of removals were some of the first to institute the now defunct Secure Communities program.
Vaughan Wednesday noted that the map shows the benefit of Secure Communities.
“It is apparent from this data that few parts of the country are unaffected by illegal immigration,” she said in a statement. “The positive results of the Secure Communities program substantiate the need to facilitate and expand opportunities for cooperation between ICE and its local law enforcement partners.”

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