Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Senator Barbara Boxer: California's Third (Global Warming) Norn Defines Nutz: "Because Of Trace Amounts Of C02 Florida Is A Nightmare Waiting To Happen"

Global Warming Cult Leader Barbara Boxer: "Because Of Trace Amounts Of C02 Florida Is A Nightmare Waiting To Happen"

Queen of the fear mongers.
WASHINGTON — Shrugging off potential political damage to vulnerable Southern and mountain-state Democrats, 18 Democratic senators led by Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., went on an election-year assault Tuesday against climate-change denial, accusing oil and coal interests of holding members of Congress captive on the issue.
These ostensible captives are not just Republicans, but Democrats representing conservative-leaning states that are home to large fossil-fuel industries.
Democratic senators facing tough re-election battles in November include Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, home to the nation’s offshore oil industry, and Mark Begich of Alaska, another big-oil producer. Democrats also must defend three seats left open by retirements in coal and gas country: Montana, West Virginia and South Dakota.
In all five states, Republicans lead by large margins in early polling. Democrats now control the Senate by a five-vote margin.
Asked about the risk, Boxer called the political calculus “ridiculous.” [...]
Boxer said she hoped to enlist Republicans from coastal states such as Florida’s Marco Rubio. Much of Miami faces inundation from rising seas.
“Florida is a nightmare waiting to happen,” Boxer said. “I could mention every Republican from a coastal state, they ought to be with us. They ought to be leading the charge¦ And that’s our goal, to wake up Congress.”
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Gave upon Senator Boxer: a perfect portrait of 'Mental Health'.

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