Thursday, January 16, 2014

Report: Obama Told Dem Senators He's Seriously Considering Raising Minimum Wage

Report: Obama Told Dem Senators He's Seriously Considering Raising Minimum Wage

I love how the left is cheering Obama’s abuse of executive powers on, if this was Bush they’d be rioting in the streets.
Here’s some welcome news. At his meeting with Democratic Senators last night, President Obama indicated that he is giving serious consideration to executive action designed to raise the minimum wage for employees of federal contractors, according to one Senator who was present.
Proponents want to see this executive action happen on the merits — they believe it could impact as many as two million employees of federal contractors, and would help the economy. But they also believe such action could give a boost of momentum to the push for a minimum wage hike for all American workers, which obviously would require Congressional approval, but is currently facing Republican opposition.
Senator Bernie Sanders told me in an interview that the president took the idea very seriously when asked about it last night.
“I am very pleased that the president and members of his administration indicated they’re giving very serious consideration to this proposal,” Sanders said. “The president is weighing the pros and cons in terms of the impact on the overall debate.”
Thank You Zip.

If Obama actually Gave a rat's ass about putting more money into the lower middle class worker's - and every Other class worker's - pockets, he'd ask Congress to Repeal his Signature Nation Wrecker - PPACA - which has those who can Find a job being limited to under 30 hrs at it. 

Since Obama can't fulfill his Constitutionally mandated duties as President, and the Republicans are NOT going to impeach and remove him from office to confront the horror of BFD Biden stepping in, . . . could we Please ask Obama to just put down the EO pens and go play golf?

$400,000 a year to send him out to the links as opposed to How many more Trillions wasted with Every Thunder and Lightning Brain Storm he's struck by?

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muzuzuzus said...

same with Cameron. same news different Illuminati puppet paid for by the banksters. Hmmmmm. wow wonder what they'll raise it to . FAR FAR less than what they have already robbed a hundredfold. they are so obvious