Saturday, January 25, 2014

San Francisco May Hand Out Free Crack Pipes To Check The Spread of HIV/AIDS

'Mental Health' Ground Zero, where there are Never Enough Human Cattle To Run Through The Tax Payer Funded Mind Control Scam Feeding The 55 Democrat Electoral Votes, . . .

 , . . Party Of Obama, Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer, and SO Many More.

San Francisco May Hand Out Free Crack Pipes To Check The Spread of HIV/AIDS

Marion Barry must be moving.
Via CBS:
Brows were raised and eyes rolled back when needle exchange programs were first implemented to stop the spread of disease. Giving away free and clean syringes to heroin users seemed preposterous to many. Now it is a common practice and almost universally accepted as a means to prevent the spread of HIV. Could the same happen with free crack pipes?
The city of San Francisco may examine the idea, said Tracey Packer, the director of community health equity for the San Francisco Dept. of Public Health, who oversees the city’s HIV prevention efforts.
“It is inaccurate to say we are ‘considering’ the program,” said Packer. “We are at the exploration point. We are looking at data and information.”
Crack pipe distribution programs have been successful in Canada, said Laura Thomas, a member of the HIV Health Services Planning Council (HPPC), the group that recently suggested San Francisco consider a similar program.
Thank You CBS, Drudge, WZ, and Defend Wall Street.

Gee, D'ya think maybe there'll be a bit of lobbying from the UCSF Psych Dept. on this funding grubber?
And speaking of Smoking Crack:

"All of the Physicians at SFGH are UCSF Faculty."

"Don't Bogart Those Non-Existent Psych Hospitals and Staff, . . .

, . . . . Dr. Illuminati."

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