Wednesday, April 11, 2012

US Budget Deficit for March 2012: Another Record High

ZeroHedge has;

"Following the all time record high February budget deficit of $232 billion, the US March budget deficit number is in, and in addition to being bigger than expected, coming at $198.2 billion on expectations of "only" $196 billion, the government outlay in the past month also is the largest March deficit on record. This brings the total deficit in fiscal 2012 to $779 billion, which is to be expected for a country gripped in total political chaos and which is unable to either raise revenues or lower spending. What is moredisturbing is that over the same period (Oct 1 2011 - March 31, 2012), the US government issued $792 billion in debt, a trend that will continue. What is most disturbing is that the comparable tax revenues net of refunds, "matching" this increase in deficit and spending, are only $693 billion, in other words the US government is funding well more than half of its cash needs with debt rather than with tax revenue. Just like Japan."

Thank You Zero Hedge and Mr Durdan

Go check out the article's charts and comments. Dissatisfaction among the serfs is rising.

We watched a history of the development of US Aircraft Carriers last night. And it told us that our newest, Nuclear Powered Super Carriers can maintain a top speed of 30 knots and travel 800 miles in 24 hours.

Building a Super Carrier and equipping it with a full complement of aircraft costs $6 Billion.

We went $198.2 Billion Further into debt last March, ...... for what? Can anyone find what we Bought on that $198.2 Billion? Does anyone have any Idea what we Bought with that $198.2 Billion?

Does that make you Depressed? Does that make you want to get a prescription for antidepressants? Do you think that a prescription for antidepressants will make that $198.2 Billion that DC Borrowed any easier to become Un Depressed about?

$6 Billion Dollars will buy us one of These?

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