Thursday, April 19, 2012

Electro Convulsive Therapy On VIDEO: What It REALLY IS

Thanks to Raynes World for this one, and Thanks to PsychSurvivor 2.0 for pointing it out.

Run this Video Full Screen and turn the volume UP, ..... MAX IT!

Then After you quit Puking and Shaking, MAIL IT To your Elected Representatives and demand they cite you Their Constitutional Authority to Fund this.

The Doctors who sell ECT can make between $300,000 to $500,000 a year inflicting this on other human beings.

Does it Look Therapeutic to you? Does it Look like its imparting any inner Peace and Tranquility to you?

Or Do the people Doing this, ON YOUR MONEY, look like they belong In Prison, to you?

Go to Mindfreedom and get the free pdf.

Go to Amazon and buy:

We are $15 TRILLION IN DEBT, but the Redistribucrats of Both Political Parties can STILL find Federal and State Healthcare Monies to Pay for This.

If YOU committted this, Without first buying a Junk Medicine Work License, You, would be Damned Lucky to get less than 12 to 15 Years behind bars.

Here's the YouTube link. If you blog, run this vid. Help it go Viral.


Anonymous said...

This is not ECT which is electricity passed through the brain. This is electricity on the skin.
However ECT is worse than this as you suffer permanent brain damage.
click on ECT tab
watch video
John Read and Richard Bentall’s study of ECT safety and efficacy
see Harold Sackeim study
UK Government e-petition

D Bunker said...

Yes it IS ECT! While we appreciate your knowledge of the difference between Topically Applied Torture and the Through the Brain variety;

IF the Electric Shocks delivered to the victim are not originating from an ECT machine, then those shocks are coming from another source of electricity such as 2 leads plugged into a wall socket with a switch interrupting them.

The ONLY Legal source of Electricity that can be used for Behavior Modification is an ECT machine. If it's Not an FDA tolerated - "We looked the other way for Decades on these high voltage barbarisms" - ECT machine, it is Felony Aggravated Battery.

D Bunker said...

If we're wrong on that point, please show us where and we'll post a correction.

muzuzuzus said...

In the mainstream news they are NOW claiming they have tested on rats and found how to do objective blood tests on adolescents to test 'depression' so they can 'treat' it: First Blood Test to Diagnose Depression in Teens

Breakthrough test identifies depression and its subtypes with promise of individualized treatment

D Bunker said...

Oh Really?

" a specific set of genetic markers found in a patient’s blood"

Genetic Markers? Really.

What have we been Warning about with all of this Genetic Research? Wouldn't you love to know what the financial ins and outs of this project's Research are? Is their Funding being threatened? Are they groping for More?

And where's the actual Research itself. Where's the Peer Review? They must be So proud of themselves that they just forgot to provide a link.

D Bunker said...


We've posted a correction to this post.
See link for details.