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Correction: Rotenberg Shock Torture: ECT or GED? pt II

Here's (Video can be viewed at the link.)

We called the Shock Treatment this Citizen was subjected to Electro Convulsive Therapy. We also claimed that this treatment did Not make use of an FDA approved medical Device.
We were Wrong regarding FDA approval if the electrical device in question is a Graduated Electronic Decelerator. And IF, this Treatment was actually Legal at the time it was done, ....... what does That tell you about the 'Mental Health' Industry and the people at the FDA who approved this Device?

Devices at FDA: Graduated Electronic Decelerator

Having said That:

1: The Victim was subjected to Electrical Shocks.
2: The Victim suffered Convulsions - if not a Grand Mal Seizure as is typically associated with ECT the Victim suffered Emotional Convulsions of Fear and Physical Pain.
3: The process is described as a Therapy.

Here's from the Judge Rotenberg Center:
Note the name Matthew L Israel on the header. According to Wiki he's a psychologist who trained with B. F. Skinner.[4]

BF Skinner: Beyond Freedom & Reason & Dignity

Let's see Wiki's review.

jump down to:

Destruction of videotapes

In May 2011, Matthew Israel was charged with misleading a grand jury over the school's destruction of tapes of episodes of students being shocked, as well as being an accessory after the fact. Israel resigned his position at the JRC in a deferred prosecution plea deal with the Massachusetts State Attorney General's office.[16] The JRC is currently administered by a court-appointed monitor.[17] In 2011 facilities licensed by the DDS (Department of Developmental Services) in Massachusetts, including but not limited to the Judge Rotenberg Center, were banned from subjecting new admissions to severe behavioral interventions including electric shock, long-term restraint, or aversives that pose risk for psychological harm. [18]

Andre McCollins lawsuit and videotape

McCollins' mother testified that he was catatonic three days after the episode.[25] An expert witness for the prosecution stated that the ordeal permanently traumatized McCollins and was a "gross deviation from accepted standards".[26] The unveiling of the video has led to widespread condemnation of the use of shocks and the JRC, with calls from Massachusetts Governer Deval Patrick and others to ban such use of shocks outright.[27]In April of 2012 Andre McCollins sued the JRC with the charge of having shocked him excessively and caused permanent damage.[19] During the trial a videotape of the incident was shown and aired by Fox News.[20] The video showed McCollins being being held face down and shocked repeatedly for several hours after refusing to remove his coat.[21] During the shocks he is seen screaming uncontrollably, and when taken to a hospital three days later by his mother was diagnosed with acute stress response caused by the shocks.[22] On cross-examination, an expert witness for the defense admitted that the shocks had been unsuccessful in accomplishing any treatment goal whatsoever. [23] The JRC had successfully kept the video sealed until April 2012.[24]

And, here's

(c) For the purposes of this section, “serious bodily injury” shall mean bodily injury that results in a permanent disfigurement, loss or impairment of a bodily function, limb or organ, or a substantial risk of death.

And here's the Massachusetts Medical Society acknowledging that there's a problem with:
"Health care providers in Massachusetts are required by the Board of Registration in Medicine to report physicians who they have a reasonable basis to believe are either impaired or not competent to practice medicine."

If they're showing up drunk, hung over or drug impaired, they're showing up in a state of DSM, Psychiatric, Incurably Mentally Ill, and there goes Equal Protection for everyone else right Out the window again.

Here's the Mass Med Society's Physician Health Services Inc. page on the Reporting Mandate

And here is the pg on Obligations in Mass. To Consider
"In Massachusetts, the law mandates reporting to the BRM when there is a reasonable basis to believe that a physician is practicing medicine while impaired by drugs or alcohol, or when a physician is a habitual user of drugs or alcohol."

Alcohol Intoxication, 2 drinks is All it takes, DSM 'Incurably, Mentally Ill'.
DSM-IV-TR Billing Code: 303.00 Alcohol Intoxication

(c) For the purposes of this section, “serious bodily injury” shall mean bodily injury that results in a permanent disfigurement, loss or impairment of a bodily function, limb or organ, or a substantial risk of death.

"Loss or Impairment of a bodily function,"
Catatonic? Isn't that the Impairment of Most Voluntary Bodily Functions?
But it's not Aggravated Battery after all, ..... unless a Judge decides it is. We were wrong.

It's Mental Health.

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