Friday, September 2, 2011

'Mental Health' A DC Check Up

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"The List": Obama's One Hundred and Thirty Sixth Week in Office


President Obama's One Hundred and Thirty Sixth Week in Office


Obama and TARP

US Preparing To Sue Banks For Billions Over Misrepresenting Safety Of Mortgage Securities

Obama Ethics

House energy committee steps up investigation of Solyndra

Jay Carney Hammered On Speechgate, Says ‘It Never Came Up’ In Meeting With President

JW Uncovers Documents from DHS Detailing Obama Plan to Impose DREAM Act by Suspending Illegal Alien Deportations Records

White House: No special treatment of Obama's uncle

Obama’s ‘We The People’ initiative bashed as unethical campaigning with taxpayer resources

Carney: Obama Recognizes "There Are Things He Can Do Without Congress And He Will Do Them" (Video)

Audio: Glenn Beck interviews CEO of Gibson Guitars

DOJ Advises Gibson Guitar to Export Labor to Madagascar: according to CEO Henry Juszkiewicz, agents of the United States government are bluntly informing them that they’d be better off shipping their manufacturing labor overseas

Pajamas TV Video: The Obama Administration Cracks Down on Gibson Guitars


Issa, Grassley make good on promise to expand “Fast & Furious” investigation

Issa Statement on Resignation of Arizona U.S. Attorney, Reassignment of ATF Director


VIDEO: The Dept. of Energy is not a business...Carney on the loss of more than a half a billion tax dollars in the Soyndra Bankruptcy: "There are no gurantees in business for success or failure"

Three NLRB decisions ‘will kill jobs and force business closures,’

White House Estimates 9 Percent Unemployment Through Next Year’s Election

Vital Signs: Construction Slumped in July

Solyndra Bankruptcy Could Dry Up Solar Industry Funding

Bankrupt solar company with fed backing has cozy ties to Obama admin

Obama Spent $535 Million on Solyndra Solar Energy Firm in 2010; Firm Went Bankrupt Today; Pricetag $486,363 Per Job Saved for 18 Months

Gasoline close to record high before Labor Day

Gibson CEO: Feds Demanded Foreign Labor

The Institute for Supply Management said its manufacturing index slowed to 50.6% from 50.9% in July, marking the worst reading since July 2009

It's 3am and nobody's there

Mexican trucks could be in U.S. this month

Lieberman: Obama's concern with offending Muslims hurts war effort

New reports emerge on ransacking of U.S. Embassy in Tripoli

U.S.: No plans to tie Libya aid to Lockerbie case

Community Organizer to the World

NASCAR Drivers Blow Off Obama Invite to White House

Gov. Nikki Haley: NLRB should be disbanded

Gov. Nikki Haley: Obama ‘Cowardly,’ NLRB ‘Un-American’

Biden: Obama Really Is 'Bright'

W.H. furious over speech delay

Jay Carney: White House Not Interested In Bickering; Just Wants To Create Jobs.... White House: Chief of Staff Told Boehner Weds. Morning of Speech Request

White House: Obama speech won't interfere with NFL kickoff

WH official: Obama struggling in polls because voters don't know GOP

White House: People 'sick and tired' of Washington

White House creating website for online petitions

Minutes after his Sept. 8 address to Congress is set, Obama bashes both houses

In Email To Campaign Supporters Obama Says He Is "Frustrated" With Congress


South Carolina passes on health exchange grants

Repealing Health Care Legislation Will Create Jobs

ObamaCare A Hidden Jobs-Killer

How ObamaCare Plays Games with Your Life "Accountable care organizations" push doctors to take on only the healthiest patients

WashPost Fact Check: Biden Erred on GOP Medicare Plan



Journolist: The Bias Continues: Protect Obama at all costs


Screw Up, Move Up, Cover Up: The Fast and Furious Edition

Issa spokesman: NYT burying latest Fast and Furious stories shows paper’s ‘biased approach’ against Oversight Chairman

Issa: “We Know We’re Being Gamed” By Obama Administration (video)

Gunwalker Cover-Up Accelerates: Ken Melson Reassigned ATF whistleblower Vince Cefalu tells PJMedia: "It's no secret that they're cleaning house."

Gun Inquiry Costs Officials Their Jobs: The Obama administration on Tuesday replaced two top Justice Department officials associated with an ill-fated investigation into a gun-trafficking network in Arizona that has been at the center of a political conflagration.

Serious questions remain in ATF firearms probe

The Fast and Furious Scandal Continues

Obama Ethics

Now Obama's NLRB tells a church school it's not religious enough

Why did the White House hide the names of 3 guests at Iftar dinner? CSP filing FOIA request to find names of attendees since 2009

Obama's uncle, an illegal immigrant charged with drunken driving last week, was ordered by an immigration judge to leave the country almost two decades ago

Obama Labor Boss Buys Canadian-Built Car

Family Research Council Sues Obama Justice Department for Documents Regarding Decision Not to Defend Defense of Marriage Act

Video: Federal Judge Rules in Obama SSN CASE- Says It doesn't matter if Prez broke law

At N.L.R.B., Flurry of Acts for Unions as Chief Exits

Obama NLRB Eliminates Secret Ballot Elections--Making Card Check Forced Unionism a Reality

Obama’s Labor chief decries conservative proposal to cripple NLRB


White House Backs Down, Obama Will Address Congress Night After GOP Debate

Speaker John Boehner has rejected Obama’s request to address a joint session of Congress on September 7th to discuss his jobs plan.

HUD gives Chicago $30.5M for development

Carney grants NBC permission to reschedule debate

Obama Wants Job Speech to be "Joint Session of Congress" Address-................Scheduled at the same time as GOP candidates debate

With Union Boss Trumka at his side, Obama says: "Delay in passing highway bill could cost jobs"

Solyndra disaster: More than 1,100 people will lose their jobs

Solyndra Shutting Its Doors ( Goverrnment guaranteed loan of 535 million Dollars for Green Jobs)

Consumer confidence expected to drop in August

Will Obama Be First Post-WW-II Prez to Never See Any Quarter With 4% Economic Growth?

Leading Economics Blog: US Economy Already In Recession

Private-sector jobs in the U.S. rose by 91,000 this month,...fewer than expected

Obama Calls for Extension of Gas Tax to Fund Highway Construction, Repair

Justice Department blocks AT&T-T-Mobile merger

Gold surge draws prospectors, thieves worldwide

It's 3am and nobody's there

Libya rebels claim 'right' to kill Gaddafi

African leaders refuse to recognize the rebel authority in Libya

Community Organizer to the World

Biden: Obama Has ‘Backbone Like a Ramrod’

‘Obama Clock’ climbs iPhone reference app chart

Obama and his illegal alien family

Obama and Egypt

(Video) Senior Islamic Jihad Official in Egypt- "If We Come to Power, We will Launch a Campaign of Islamic Conquests to Instate Shari'a Worldwide"


Obama and Israel

The Obama Effect: This election highlights a growing phenomenon: non- Jewish Republican candidates outflanking Jewish Democrats in pro-Israel positions.


In Obamacare, the President’s Disregard for Consent of the Governed

Poll: Obamacare at its most unpopular

Nevermind on Obamacare Exchanges? -The Washington Post reported this week that in the face of hesitation and outright resistance from governors and legislatures, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is "working on a new partnership model to let state agencies help run the exchange — perhaps without the need for legislative authorization."

Obama Ethics

ABC News’ Report on Government Favoritism for Solyndra

Samantha Powers: Obama aide uses war to achieve ‘radical values’? Notorious extremist made stinging accusation.

Two Developments in Obama Social Security Number Investigation:........

-Barack Obama's Illegal Alien Family's Social Security Numbers Revealed:......

-Judge Lamberth Grants Defendant's Summary Judgement Killing Obama Social Security Number Case

U.S. State Department Warned U.S. Citizens in Jerusalem to Avoid Beck Event?

Communist Party of Indiana CPUSA loved outgoing NLRB chair Wilma Liebman

Obama’s HUD Violated ACORN Funding Ban

Obama's uncle is called a fugitive

President Obama’s uncle had Social Security ID

Obama’s Illegal Uncle Onyango Worked at Liquor Store – Sold Booze to Kids

Obama's Uncle and his phony documents

Interview of Henry Juszkiewicz by Dana Loesch (Audio)

The Gibson Guitar Saga Gets Steadily Curiouser: No word from the Justice Dept. and many inconsistancies


Dennis K. burke resigns as U.S. attorney for District of Arizona ....... no mention of Gunrunner-Gate

Kenneth Melson, acting ATF chief, steps down

U.S. Justice Department will reassign embattled ATF head Kenneth Melson

It's 3am and nobody's there

NASA warns 'risk of losing' space station rising

Obama and America's space program: Lost in Space

Gay military magazine to be distributed at Army, Air Force bases

Libya's interim leaders 'reject UN military personnel'

Obama foreign policy financing the extermination of all blacks in Tripoli?

US White House’s 9/11 Anniversary Guidelines Ask Officials to "Minimize References to Al Qaeda"

Recalling "those awful attacks," President Barack Obama saluted the 9/11 generation of veterans

August is deadliest month for US in Afghanistan

Obama tolerates terror operations run out of Syria’s embassy


Study: Half of Hired Stimulus Workers Were Already Employed

Bank of America to Exit Another Line: Will sell its correspondent mortgage business

Flashback Obama in 2010: New Jobs Plan after Vacation

US economy had a 'heart attack': Obama

Obama said on Tuesday there were a range of policy options available that could create up to a million new U.S. jobs

Tip of the ‘Jobs Plan’ Iceberg Arrives: More Regulations

State, local governments cut 200,000 workers

Biden calls for new clean energy policy for US

Obama: 7 regulations could cost $109.5 bln

Jay Carney: Obama helping African-Americans

Consumer confidence plunges to lowest level since Great Recession

Economic Storm Continues: Bernanke Says ‘Recovery Even Weaker Than We Had Thought’

34 Pieces Of Evidence That Prove That The Middle Class In America Is Rapidly Shrinking

Ten Job-Destroying Regulations

White House: Only 'Fervent Partisan' Would Suggest Obama To Blame For Job Losses

Bloomberg: Obama jobs plan will feature same gimmicks we’ve already seen

Obama May Back Hiring Credit, Construction Spending to Spur Jobs

Community Organizer to the World

White House Issues Guides on Sept. 11 Observances

Obama appears on Tom Joyner radio show, tries to reassure African American listeners: “It’s always important to remember that when Dr. King gave the ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, that was a march for jobs and justice, not just justice,” ......... Tells audience to "mobilize"


Let them eat kale

Where in the World is Michelle Obama? .. Vacation Madness

Obama and Israel

Congresswoman Wasserman-Schultz Heckled

Egyptian daily reports Washington is threatening to cut aid to Cairo if it doesn't release Ilan Grapel, back down over border incident

Obama Ethics

Obama Didn’t Actually Ride The Bus On His So Called "Bus Tour"

Labor Dept. Signs 'Partnerships' with Foreign Gov’s to Protect Illegal Workers in U.S.

Obama Administration Blocks Release of Bush Administration Surveillance Policy Memos

Same Attorney That Defended Obama's Illegal Alien Aunt Also Will Defend Obama's Illegal Alien Uncle

Obama's illegal alien, DUI uncle has valid social security number, license

Former officials call for investigation into political hiring at DOJ

Obama's Jewish Outreach Director and His Anti-Christian Hate Propaganda

Justice Dept. Keeping Islamic Bank Settlement Secret

The EPA is currently pushing an unprecedented rewrite of air-pollution rules in an attempt to shut down a large portion of the coal-fired power fleet

Obama's War on the Secret Ballot: Union protectionism and the NLRB

President Barack Obama’s Pro-Abortion Record: A Pro-Life Compilation

Kyl Says Obama Said no Border Security for Political Reasons (video)


Atlanta’s WSB-TV2 aired a segment on U.S. border security after it obtained records from a federal detention center near Phoenix, Ariz., and found current listings for illegal aliens from Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan and Yemen

Behind Operation Fast & Furious – the Islamic Connection

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama said in a speech to veterans on Tuesday that Libyans are “free” after the American military helped them fight their dictator

A video has emerged of U.S. Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford being assaulted by a pro-regime demonstrator on the streets of Damascus last week.

VFW Accuses White House of Snubbing Annual Convention

Upon Returning from Vacation, Obama Talks About How Hard He’s Working

How al-Qaeda got to rule in Tripoli

DOD Assesses Diversity for Federal Coordination

Obama- No vindication in Libya

NASA: Space station may be evacuated by late Nov.

Early Obama Letter Confirms Inability to Write

Texas Wind Energy Fails, Again


Consumer confidence crumbles to 2-year low

Obama’s Jobs Plan Revealed: New Spending on Roads and Bridges ... new borrowing (video)

Obama to unvail jobs plan.... in a week

Obama is set to nominate Princeton University's Alan Krueger to be chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers today. Krueger, who provided analysis on the "cash for clunkers" program to Obama during an earlier stint as assistant Treasury secretary

Dallas Fed just reported The general business activity index remained negative for the fourth month in a row and fell from –2 to –11.4

Community Organizer to the World

Carney Grilled Over Potential Hillary Primary Challenge: "You'll Have To Ask Her"

One in four Democrats wants to dump Obama

Outrage As Obama Names New Voter Initiative After ACORN

Barack Obama's uncle has been arrested and held as illegal immigrant


Obama Ethics

Third Muslim Brotherhood Figure in Obama White House Identified, Plus in U.S. Navy

Gibson Guitar CEO: We're Under Attack By Obama Administration CEO says Obama Justice Dept. Wants Them to Close Their Doors

Obama's Illegal Uncle Arrested; 'Uncle Omar' Hits Cop Car, Tries to Call White House

Obama and TARP

Obama's Newest $700 Billion Bank Bailout

Obama and Israel

The U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem has denied widespread reports that it directly told the Palestinian Authority that American aid would be cut off if it goes to the United Nations for recognition.

It's 3am and nobody's there

Arab spring has created 'intelligence disaster', warns former CIA boss

Libyan rebels says won't deport Lockerbie bomber

Biden Golfed in Hours Preceding Hurricane

Libya threatens to become terrorist arms depot


Mohawk Industries CEO says recovery years off

Bernanke Blames Politics for Financial Upheaval

Community Organizer to the World

Yahoo Readers Not Very Impressed With Obama’s Command Center Photo-Op


It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama Photo-op at the hurricane command center

Horror of 150 bodies found on a farm after been massacred by pro-Gaddafi forces

Guantanamo detainee is now Libyan rebel leader

US official: Al-Qaida's No. 2 killed in Pakistan

Obama Ethics

How the Obama DOJ is going after innocent citizens: Honest Services Fraud

Gibson Competitor is Dem Donor; Uses Same Wood, Experienced No Federal Raids

While the New Mexico-born cleric, Anwar al-Awlaki, is the first American on the CIA's kill or capture list, the U.S. State Department refuses to release documents about al-Awlaki citing his right to privacy

Community Organizer to the World

Even in China, Joe Biden couldn't resist using the Tea Party as a political punching-bag



Texas Gun Dealer Sues Feds Over Reporting Requirement


ExxonMobil Sues Obama Administration for Canceling Deepwater Well Worth ‘Billions of Barrels of Oil’

Biden: more US stimulus needed, business mad at S&P

Indictment of Obamanomics: Banks That Don’t Want Deposits

Eco-zealous feds target Gibson guitars, antique piano sellers: Gibson explains, exposes DOJ overreach

The EPA gone wild: Federal agents swooped in on Gibson Guitar Wednesday, raiding factories and offices in Memphis and Nashville, seizing several pallets of wood, electronic files and guitar

Former Obama Econ Advisor Flounders in interview

Bernanke Admits Economic Stall is Not Result of Earthquake, Etc.

Obama Economic Adviser Now Blaming Earthquake For Economic Woes

Economic Growth Slows to Crawl, GDP Increase at 1%

Fed's Bernanke says it's up to Congress to boost the economy

Fannie, Freddie Takeover Could Be Key to Obama Jobs Plan

Chance of Recession Is as High as 80%: Study

Video: 3 Years Of Obama's Job Promises, Promises

Obama Shocks Oil Industry by Cancelling Exxon Mobil and Statoil Leases

Deutsche Bank Projecting A 40% Decline In NY Housing Prices


Institute of Medicine Provides Medical "Cover" for Sebellius

The $5 billion Early Retirement Insurance program subsidizes coverage for those who retire early but don't yet qualify for Medicare.... the program already ran out of money.

Obamacare blamed for the national economic doldrums

Obama Ethics

Obama Administration Allowing Mexican Police To Operate On US Soil; Wants To Apply Lessons Of Afghanistan To Mexico

Texas AG Sues EPA over Obama’s War on Energy

Arizona challenges feds on Voting Rights Act

DOJ Keeping Islamic Bank Settlement Secret

Rahm Emanuel using Chicago to Finance a Run for the White House

Biden Voted Against Condemning China’s One-Child Policy

Organizer to the World

Obama dirty tricks operative Buffy Wicks to run campaign unit named after ACORN's voter fraud factory

Obama Campaign Launching Voter Drive Program

Most Blacks Think Obama "Has Been Treated Unfairly"

Obama declares August 26 "Women's Equality Day"

Let them eat Kale

Obama Family's Pricey Vacations are Gaining International Attention

It's 3am and nobody's there

Qaddafi Regime Offered Kucinich All-Expense Paid Trip to Libya to Broker Peace

White House releases photo proving Obama is 'at work' on Martha's Vineyard

Mexico president blasts US after casino massacre

(To be read Sotto Voce as Joe Pesci from the 1st Lethal Weapon movie)

Okay Okay Okay. Are you ready to buy into the APA's Political Illnesses NOW that you've seen DC demonstrating how superior Their 'Behaviors' are?

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