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Feds To Increase Healthcare Fraud Prosecutions By 85%

Fierce Healthcare has;

Feds Cracking Down On Healthcare Fraud, Prosecutions To Rise 85%

As many institutions suspect from simply reading the news, federal prosecutions of healthcare fraud are soaring, set to rise 85 percent, according to U.S. Justice Department data. In fact, healthcare fraud was the most frequently recorded charge in all fraud prosecutions, according to the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University.

The government prosecuted 903 cases of healthcare fraud, up 24 percent from last year, reports USA Today. The increased numbers come from more investigations under the close attention of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Medicare Fraud Task Force, as well as the participation of whistleblowers. The FBI recently changed their focus to target criminal enterprises, including hospitals. In 2010, the government paid out $300 million to whistleblowers

"That's just a stunning number when you see it in the first eight months," said Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer about the task force's prosecutions. "We're just going to build on this model, and we're going to hold those responsible who are stealing from the government."

According to a Kaiser poll this summer, most Americans blame out-of-control healthcare spending on fraud and waste.

Although some may applaud the federal government for punishing fraudsters, on the flip side,
New York's Inspector General Jim Sheehan lost his post in June for taking a hard-nose stance on Medicaid penalties. After recovering nearly $1 billion from Medicaid fraud, critics argued that he treated routine billing mistakes as fraud.

The government recovered a record $4 billion from health fraud cases in 2010, reports
USA Today.

For more information:
- read the UPI
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USA Today article
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Thank You Fierce Healthcare & Ms Cheung

But you see, there's this Teensy, Tiny, insignificant little matter of how high up the Food Chain certain parties happen to have climbed, which is Also going to be a Major determinate in Who gets Ignored, at least by the HHS/OIG.

Let's hope our FBI is not going to find itself under any Similar constraints through the specious nonsense of Some Companies being somehow indispensible because they're just Too Big To Fail.

And as Noted here numerous times already; FRAUD in Any endeavor in which Anything of Value Changes Hands is already a Crime. Psychiatry has;
1: No Science
2: No Cures
3: Nothing but Excuses as to Why, "They're not Responsible for the Carnage & Economic Devastation they Cause."

Definition of Fraud

All multifarious means which human ingenuity can devise, and which are resorted to by one individual to get an advantage over another by false suggestions or suppression of the truth. It includes all surprises, tricks, cunning or dissembling, and any unfair way which another is cheated.

Source: Black’s Law Dictionary, 5th ed., by Henry Campbell Black, West Publishing Co., St. Paul, Minnesota, 1979.

The aforementioned Feds should Start with Pharma's Street Runners at the Top of the Healthcare Fraud Pyramid: the APA, & Every nook & cranny they've Infested in America where they are Peddling NOTHING but Disability, Chronic Diseases, & Death, ....... and bleeding America's Medicare, Medicaid, & Private Health Insurance providers into insolvency.

And just as these Thought/Mood Police are gaming the system through peddling Freudo-FRAUD, the out of control Government, Vote Buying Spending Scam that's Colluding With them to Pay their Thought/Mood Policing is Built on FRAUD.

John Maynard Keynes was the Lying, Fabian Socialist Saboteur whose intentionally FRAUDULENT economic theories are enacted by Collectivists in Governments around the world as if they were actual science. So let's deal with That FRAUD right now with a Free Book we've perma-linked to under:

John Maynard Keynes: Economic Terrorist/Saboteur: Bolshevik: Serial Child Rapist

If the Keynesian, Fed Reserve Funny Money wasn't out on the table to be snatched up in the 1st place, we wouldn't Still be up to our eye teeth in horrors like this one.

NIMH Violence Initiative: Junk Medicine In Jack Boots

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