Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Veterans Day: Thanks For Your Service

To those who Are serving, and Have served; Thank You.

And keep watching your back and each other's backs. Pharma Money is hungry and it has a Long reach, ..... Right into Your VA.

Before you get yourself 'Diagnosed' make Damn certain you Want that filthy 'Incurably Mentally Ill' sign hanging around your neck for the rest of your life. It Will interfere, severely, with your ability to get a civilian job.

It will put you on SSI. Doctors and 'Therapists' Will be continually changing their Billing Code numbers in your records and trying out different combinations of psychotropic drugs in you.

Those drugs won't Cure you because there's Nothing they Can cure. Those 'Therapists' won't 'Cure' you because they Can't 'Cure' you of Their own paid Opinions.

They have So Many Paid Opinions, that in San Francisco they can't even keep their stories straight, ...... except their story that they need more money.

Again, Thank You For Your Service.


susan said...

What a beautiful video.

We remember the 11th of November.

D Bunker said...

Thanks Susan.

We All Need to start remembering it as More than just a paid holiday.