Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hey Communist China: This One's For You!

In the course of human history various and sundry Behaviors have qualified people as unworthy of Equal Treatment by others. Some folks in Communist China took to reading the works of America's Founding Fathers a few years back.

Seroxat Sufferers has a Post on ECT used as Political Education in Communist China. Go read it. Hey China

And just Whose damn fault is this anyway?

Please tell the Communists responsible for this ECT Psychiatric Reeducation how Pleased you are with them by NOT BUYING Anything Made In China. Yeah, we know that's not an easy order to fill, but we Must see it through.

The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance.

The Profits of Chinese businesses belong to the Communist Party or the Communist Military, and the Fewer products You buy, the Sooner the Chinese People will be able to regain their Own, Individual destinies as Free & Autonomous, Sovereign Citizens.

Free Trade with Communist China is an oxymoron. Cut off Communism's life's blood - Western Money - and the Chinese People will bring it Down all on their own.

And to the Scum Electrocuting this woman in China: This One's for You.

Merry Christmas!

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D Bunker said...

Yes Dear Friends, … In China the Communist Scum Electrocuting this Woman to Politically Reeducate her are truly Brain Butchering Scum, but in San Francisco, the ECT ‘Caregivers’, are Not, Brain Butchering Scum, …… because in San Francisco the ECT machines There run on a ‘Special’, Kinder and Gentler electricity which Doesn’t actually Destroy years of the victims memories and Fry their Brain like a Barbecued Hog.

Yes Dear Friends, ….. The ECT ‘Caregivers’ in SF, and all Over America Do truly ‘Care’ for their patients, and All of that Money in their patients Health Insurance Policies. And in America, they only use a Little Bit of that Electricity, and it’s Special Electricity which Doesn’t require the Psychiatrist Defraud the patient into submitting to any of that nasty Brain Damage.

And No, …. Dear Friends, …. The FDA Hasn’t yet put a stop to ECT, because it Must be ‘Safe and Effective’, ….. because All those Psychiatrists keep Saying that it’s ‘Safe and Effective’.

Electrical Transformers that pulse up to 450 Volts of Electricity through another person’s Brain Couldn’t Possibly be an unsafe or defective Medical Device, now could they?

And Yes Dear Friends, ..... you should be 'Grateful' that your Medicare & Medicaid co-pays are so high, because ECT 'Caregivers' All Over America are relieving the Depressions of people, ..... at least in the Short Term, ..... with their 'Caregiving' Electrical Transformers which use a Special, Red, White & Blue, Kinder & Gentler electricity than those Communist Butchers are using in China.