Friday, July 30, 2010

US Military: 1 In 6 Drugged: as Drugging Rises, Suicide Numbers Rise

Navy Times has:

Medicating The Military

"From 2001 to 2009, the Army’s suicide rate increased more than 150 percent, from 9 per 100,000 soldiers to 23 per 100,000. The Marine Corps suicide rate is up about 50 percent, from 16.7 per 100,000 Marines in 2001 to 24 per 100,000 last year. Orders for psychiatric drugs in the analysis rose 76 percent over the same period.

But many military doctors say the risks are overstated and argue that the greater risk would be to fail to fully treat depressed troops." .....

"..... For suicide, “depression is a big risk factor,” too, said Army Reserve Col. (Dr.) Thomas Hicklin, who teaches clinical psychiatry at the University of Southern California. “To withhold the medications can be a huge problem.”

Astounding, simply astounding. Dr Hicklin is a Psychiatrist: IE: He's obsessed with Altering someone Else's emotions, ...... which are Not an Illness. And Hicklin is 'Not On Site' in the field. He's Teaching Psychiatric Ideating, safe, sound, and well paid in Southern California.

Military Doctors are pouring Psych Drugs with a Proven History of Causing Suicides into men and women Already under stress, & the Suicide numbers Keep Rising, Dramatically, ..... but to "Withhold the medications can be a huge problem." , ..... in the opinion of an Illness Postulator thousands of miles away from combat and IEDs in So Cal.

What we're seeing here is that it's OK to INDUCE Suicides in our Heroes rather than have them Depressed. Because in today's political gestalt, we can only have Happy soldiers risking their Lives for the rest of us.

Could Meds Be Responsible For Some Suicides?

Now That one's a tough call, ..... NOT.
"Neurontin, one of the military’s top-selling psychiatric drugs over the past decade, is the subject of a series of lawsuits filed against its manufacturer, Pfizer, alleging that the drug directly caused suicides. None of those cases has gone to trial.

Top 20 Neurontin side effects reported to MedWatch between Jan. 2004 and Dec. 2006:

Drug Ineffective - 834 cases
Suicide Attempt - 535 cases
Completed Suicide - 526 cases
Suicidal Ideation - 420 cases
Condition Aggravated - 381 cases
Pain - 340 cases
Depression - 304 cases
Convulsion - 287 cases
Somnolence - 259 cases
Overdose - 239 cases
Feeling Abnormal - 236 cases
Dizziness - 235 cases
Fall - 190 cases
Gun Shot Wound - 190 cases
Headache - 181 cases
Insomnia - 181 cases
Amnesia - 174 cases
Anxiety - 174 cases
Nausea - 172 cases
Loss of Consciousness - 164 cases

Especially, since we Don't find 190 cases of Gun Shot Wound popping up under the Other 22 of these Neuro Poisons, but with our Military pushing Neurontin, we Do have people asking if the Drugs might be contributing to Suicides.

And the Oversight of exactly Which Psychiatric Drugs actually make it into a Combat Theater is as full of holes as a Swiss Cheese.

What does it actually Take to add up 2+2?

Senator Grassley is only One man, and it's going to take one Hell of a Lot More than even His campaign for disclosure & truth, before we see any Real & Meaningful improvement.

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