Thursday, July 8, 2010

PhRMA Pays Back Their Bag Man: Senator Harry Reid

The Washington Examiner has;

Read it and exhale a disgusted sigh.

It's not as if this Payback were unexpected.

The Examiner's Timothy P. Carney has PhRMA now buying sappy TV ads trying to save Sen Reid's Political Bacon, after Reid - with approval ratings in the 30s - sold out America to Nationalize its Healthcare System. Mr. Carney also delineates Reid's numerous Pharmaceutical Company & PhRMA PAC contributions, with their Dollar Amounts.
"The health sector is Reid's prime source of PAC funds: half a million dollars already -- and that doesn't count the TV buys."
A Lousy Half a Million is All it took to Buy The US Senate Majority Leader? PhRMA spends more on Office Supplies, let alone Lawyers, than it cost them to Buy Sen Reid.

Mr. Carney has more;

And if you've so soon forgotten just how Sleazy this Takeover was, go through the articles Mr Carney's reports Link to.

Here's Firedoglake, (from Dec. 2009, when Pharma's lap dogs were selling out their constituents);

which concluded with;
"This insane, multiple double-double cross is sausage-making at its most ugly. It shows how completely broken our government and especially the Senate truly are. When you have Democrats filibustering their own bill to stop Republicans from voting for an amendment to advance a top promise of the Democratic party, you know something is very, very wrong."

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