Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Obama Congratulates Himself On How Humble He's Become, Speaks In Italy On Cow Flatulence

Quintessential Obama, praising himself and focusing on the important things like cow flatulence. 

ED; It's not as if even his people can commit enough voter fraud to con him back in as President again.

Via Daily Mail:

Barack Obama said Tuesday that he is adjusting to his post-presidency by writing a third book and learning how to make his own coffee – and by wrangling with his wife over ‘closet space’ in the Washington, D.C. home they rent.

The 8,200-square-foot mansion in one of America’s wealthiest ZIP codes, fetching an estimated $22,000 per month in rent, has a total of nine bedrooms. Each presumably includes at least one closet.

Trump also said he hasn’t changed as a person since taking office in 2009, and that he grew ‘more humble’ as his presidency wore on.

‘It is true that I’m not living in the White House anymore. I actually am enjoying being in my own house,’ Obama said in Milan, Italy at a conference devoted to the intersection of food policy and technology.
‘I have been fighting Michelle to get more closet space. I have been trying to figure out how the coffee maker works,’ he said.

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Thank You Daily Mail and Nick. 

How fitting, for Obama, from Obama.

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