Monday, April 18, 2016

The FCC Is Just Another Dishonest, Authoritarian Arm Of The Obama Administration

Lawful Authority? We don't got to show you no stinking Lawful Authority.

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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) describes itself thus: “An independent U.S. government agency overseen by Congress.” Under the Barack Obama Administration, it has been none of these things.
Sure – the instructions were actually quite overt.
Seton Motley | Red State |
And Chairman Wheeler has been a dutiful waiter – taking orders like a pro, and delivering them exactly as asked.
Authoritarian? Again, the FCC page describes itself as: “an independent U.S. government agency overseen by Congress.” The FCC is in fact a creation and a creature of Congress – and thus can not do anything unless and until Congress first writes a law that says “Yo, FCC – do this.”
Congress never passed anything telling the FCC to do any of this. (And the President calling for it carries zero legislative weight – as we know from so many other of hisunilateral, illegal executive branch actions.)
So as the power grabs pile up, the private sector is forced to grab whips and chairs to fend off the government – i.e., they call the lawyers.
And you know there will have to be even more lawsuits filed when the FCC finishes cramming through its set-top-box power grab.
Dishonest? FCC Chairman Wheeler said many of these power grabs would never happen. Then he made them happen.
FCC ‘Net Neutrality’ Plan Calls for More Power Over Broadband: “The main advantage of (Chairman Wheeler’s) hybrid proposal, as opposed to full reclassification, is that it wouldn’t require the FCC to reverse earlier decisions to deregulate broadband providers, which were made in the hopes of encouraging the adoption and deployment of high-speed broadband.”
But that plan wasn’t good enough for the White House: “In response to news of Mr. Wheeler’s plan, a senior White House official said Thursday that ‘the president has made it abundantly clear that any outcome must protect net neutrality and ban paid prioritization—and has called for all necessary steps to safeguard an open Internet.’”
So Chairman Wheeler began the bow to his master’s call for full-on power grab reclassification.
Care for some more dishonesty? There’s plenty, you know.
FCC Chairman Wheeler: There’s the Internet, Then There’s Interconnection: “Wheeler added, ‘I think one of the things that I have said along the way is that peering (interconnection) is not a net neutrality issue. We haven’t seen peering as a net neutrality issue. There is a matter of the ‘open Internet,’ and then there is a matter of interconnection among the various, disparate pathways that become the Internet.’”
The FCC is supposed to be an independent, expert agency – delivering decisions devoid of politics, based solely on the facts.
THIS FCC is none of this. It is just another partisan, hack member of this partisan, hack administration.
Congress should stop pretending its the former – and start seriously reining in the latter.

Thank You Mr Motley and Redstate.

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