Monday, April 11, 2016

Senate Judiciary Chairman: We Won't Consider Obama Supreme Court Nominee

By Melanie Hunter | April 8, 2016 | 10:52 AM EDT
said on the Senate floor Thursday that he will not bow to pressure from Democrats to consider President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court pick, D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Merrick Garland.
Grassley argued that the American people should decide the direction of the high court when they vote for the next president.
“It is no secret that the White House strategy is to put pressure on this chairman of the Judiciary Committee and other Republicans in the hopes that we can be worn down and ultimately agree to hold hearings on the nominee,” said Grassley.
“This pressure campaign, which is targeted at me and a handful of my colleagues, is based on the supposition that I and they will crack and move forward on the consideration of President Obama’s pick. This strategy has failed to recognize that I am no stranger to political pressure and to strong-arm tactics – not necessarily from more Democratic presidents, probably from more Republican presidents,” he said.

Grassley said the American people should weigh on the direction of the U.S. Supreme Court through their vote for the next president.

“We have a unique opportunity for American people to have a voice in the direction of the Supreme Court. The American people should be afforded the opportunity to weigh in on this very important matter,” he said. “Our side, meaning the Republican side, believes very strongly that the people deserve to be heard, and they should be allowed to decide through their vote for the next president the type of person that should be on the Supreme Court.

“As I’ve stated previously, this is a reasonable approach. It is a fair approach, and it is a historical approach - one echoed by then-Chairman Biden, Senator Schumer, and other senators, and also I might say, it was something that was practiced during President Johnson’s administration - Lyndon Baynes Johnson – and it was something that happened during the Eisenhower administration,” Grassley said.
He said Democrats have been talking about “the so-called pressure campaign to try to get members to change their position.” That campaign won’t work, he said, because when he makes decisions “based on sound principle,” he doesn’t “flip flop.”

“When I make a decision based on sound principle, I’m not about to flip flop because the left has organized what they call a ‘pressure campaign.’ As many of my colleagues and especially my constituents know, I’ve done battle with administrations of both parties,” he said.

“I’ve fought over irresponsible budgets, waste, fraud, and policy disagreements. I’ve made tough decisions. I’ve stuck with those tough decisions regardless of what pressure was applied. The so-called pressure being applied to me now is nothing – it’s absolutely nothing compared to what I’ve withstood from heavy-handed White House political operations in the past, and let me say by the way, most of that has come from Republican White Houses,” Grassley said. 

Stand fast Senator.

Thank You Senator Grassley, Ms Hunter, and CNS.

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