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Snooping ER Docs Ask HALF of (Suicidal) Patients If They Have Access To A Gun

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Despite national guidelines, emergency doctors only ask about half of suicidal patients if they have access to firearms, according to a study published inDepression and Anxiety. Researchers, led by Emmy Betz, M.D., of University of Colorado School of Medicine, interviewed more than 1,350 emergency department patients who had either attempted or considered suicide. While ED doctors are urged to question suicidal patients on whether they have the means to attempt suicide, researchers found documentation indicating the patient was asked in only about half of cases. "Based on models using national suicide statistics, ED-based interventions might help decrease suicide deaths by 20 percent annually," the study states. Study abstract

Thank You Mr Budyrk and fiercehealthcare.

"whether they have the means to attempt suicide"

Do the they ask patients about their access to a car?

Deaths Due To Guns And Due To Cars Now At The Same Rate in The US

Do they ask about patients access to knives?

Do they ask about patients access to tennis shoes and railroad tracks?

But Don't Worry about it. They've got Just the cure (to line their own pockets) for patients.

US 18C95 Sec 1958: Murder For Hire

But, But, if we could just get Rid of all the guns, . . .
Heard that one. Ain't gonna happen. 
Trying to get rid of them only increases the criminal misuse of them By criminals.
But, But, we have to at least get rid of those awful Assault Weapons. 

A Thumbhole in the stock.

Up to 40% of Docs don't even know what's on the bought and paid for FDA Label.

And Yet, we continue to let them get away with this shit.

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