Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Addiction Providers Look To Alter The Industry's Growing Reputation For Fraud

Yeah. Big Surprise. In which Alternate Universe?

Bad actors forcing some payers to take hard stance on reimbursement

Without delving into the mathematics of statistics, in street lingo, a coin toss is 50 percent. 5 to 8 percent? 

Of course it's a fraud, and Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers Know its a fraud. There's no way they can't know its a fraud with all the insurers and customers they sucker out of 4, 5, and sometimes 6 figures to defraud them, all day, every day.

Sell them a room, feed them canned beef stew and cheerios in place of intoxicants, and patronize them with behaviorism's humanist dictum that the Only Road To Recovery starts with YOU, Mr/s Sucker abasing themselves into admitting before the other suckers, that they have a Disease, which the sales force Invented, in order to take their Money.

A success rate of 5 to 8 percent virtually guarantees the consumer will return to their addiction of choice, and then return to the addiction-ologists for another week or month of canned beef stew, cheerios and behaviorist BS at thousands of dollars a day, to be yet again shuffled back off to AA, NA, or whatever A for yet a 3rd pant load of FAIL.

And the Addiction Industry's reputation for Fraud is growing?

Thank You Again Mr Sweeny, for continuing to document it at FHP AF. 

We are now $19 Trillion in debt. 

Turn off the OPM spigot.

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