Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sen Ted Cruz Feeds Sierra Club President Aaron Mair His ### On Global Warming

Do you donate money to the Sierra Club? Does this vid make you uneasy about where you money went? 

Want to meet more of Mair's ilk?

For and Through Mair and others like him the Obama EPA is putting real working people, (their supposed constituency, Marx and Engels Proletariet) in the coal industry out of business. 

For Fiscal year 2013 the Sierra Club told the Federal Govt on line 22 that they ended the year with a positive asset balance of over $64 million. 

Here's the site which provided that link:

More on the Radical Environmental Left

We've had leftists try to blow us off by telling us that Agenda 21 is only a theory.

And thank you Mr Mair for your Stunning performance. Stunning. 

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