Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Citing Fraud Concerns Texas Officials Subpoena Planned Parenthood Records

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Days after announcing plans to revoke Medicaid funding, state officials home in on illegal billing practices
After spending the last several months embroiled in national controversy, Planned Parenthood is facing Medicaid fraud allegations that has resulted in an investigation by Texas state officials, according to The Houston Chronicle.
In a letter dated October 19, Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) Inspector General, Stuart Bowen, informed Planned Parenthood of the agency's strategy to terminate the provider from the Medicaid program for "serious Medicaid program violations" including fraud. The letter did not cite specific instances, but highlighted a 2013 fraud case that Planned Parenthood settled for $4.3 million.
On Thursday, Texas HHSC officials served subpoenas to more than a dozen Planned Parenthood providers, asking them to hand over thousands of patient and employee records. A letter obtained by The Chronicle indicated the state was "conducting an inspection related to certain claims paid by the Medicaid program."  State officials would not comment on the investigation, but Gov. Greg Abbot indicated that the state had more evidence of Medicaid fraud beyond the allegations raised in the 2013 lawsuit. Planned Parenthood representatives said the scope of the subpoenas was "unprecedented" and referred to the investigation as "political grandstanding."  
For more:
- read the Houston Chronicle article
- here's the letter from the Texas HHSC Office of Inspector General

See what happens when you vote an adult (Greg Abbot) in?
With Gov Abbot at the helm, we're guessing something's going to hit the fan for this teacher, too:

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