Thursday, January 15, 2015

WH Newspeak: Republicans Who Voted To Cut Off Funds For Obama's Executive Amnesty Are "Essentially Voting FOR Amnesty"

Orwell was an optimist.
Mind… blown.
[Ed; but our Vets need more Mental Voo Doo]

Emperor Obama Brags He's About To Put America On The Auction Block Again: More Executive Order Mind Control Coming

The White House is accusing Republicans intent on stopping President Obama’s executive amnesty as “essentially” voting for amnesty. “This vote is bad policy. It is essentially a vote for amnesty. It is also bad politics,” the White House spokesman told reporters aboard Air Force One.
“House Republicans … are mucking around with DHS funding just weeks before the funding deadline. There’s never a good time to muck around with the funding of the department of homeland security, but given the events of the last week, this seems like a particularly bad time to do so,” Earnest added, according to the White House pool report.
Earnest is referring to this vote, held earlier today in the House of Representatives:
The House voted 236-191 to approve a measure funding the Homeland Security Department while simultaneously defunding President Obama’s unilateral action to provide temporary deportation deferrals and work permits to millions of undocumented immigrants.

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