Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pathetic Cover Oregon ObamaCare Exchange Laying OFF HALF Their Workers

Could we get a golf clap here for Central Planning, please?

$250+ mil down the drain…
Cover Oregon, the official Oregon State marketplace for health insurance under Obamacare, recently announced they will be laying off 61 workers — or half of its workforce.
The layoffs are expected to begin in March and will consist of employees primarily in their customer service call centers. Aaron Patnode, the exchanges executive director, told Oregon Live they will retain 58 people on their payroll. The first wave of employees losing their jobs will take place on March 10 with the second coming on April 25.
Cover Oregon was one of the many who could not deliver a working enrollment-and-subsidy website. It was announced last April the state would be abandoning the exchange altogether because it would be more expensive to fix Cover Oregon than switch to the federal site — which they are slowly in the process of doing. At the time it was announced Cover Oregon would be switching to the federal site, more than $250 million had been dumped into the exchange and most of the federal grant money had been spent…

Thank You Capitol City Project and Mr Stone. 

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