Tuesday, December 2, 2014

White House: Obama Will Shut Down The Govt. If GOP Doesn't Fund His Executive Amnesty

Chutzpah, Barack is thy name. 

His motive is to Blame the GOP if they refuse to fund an Executive Action which He did not have any legal authority to take.

The Republicans were going to pay a heavy price last year if they crossed him and the Govt. did shut down. What happened was they didn't even rub his record in his nose, and the voters rebuked Barack's agenda in a midterm electoral landslide.

Go ahead. Shut it down and blame it on the Republicans, ..... since it worked out so well the last time you tried it.


White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Monday that President Barack Obama will block a government budget bill if the GOP denies him the funds needed to provide amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.
“Yes,” Earnest said when asked by ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl if Obama would veto a government-wide budget that defunded the amnesty program.
If Obama blocks the budget to help the illegals, large sections of the federal government would shut down on Dec. 12.
Thank You DC and Zip. 

"The only time a man's life, liberty, and property are safe is when the legislature's not in session."

Mark Twain.

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