Tuesday, December 16, 2014

ObamaCare And Eugenics

Is “positive selection” a part of PPACA’s cost control strategy?
By  – 12.15.14

The scariest words uttered during Jonathan Gruber’s recent appearance before the House Oversight Committee were “positive selection.” They were read aloud by Republican Rep. Thomas Massie, from a 1997 paper the professor co-authored concerning abortion. The opus in question made the Congressman uneasy because of the following passage: “By 1993 all cohorts under the age 19 were born under legalized abortion and we estimate steady state savings of $1.6 billion per year from positive selection.” Rep. Massie asked the professor what was meant by “positive selection.” This question was evidently not anticipated in Gruber’s pre-testimony coaching, so he became evasive.

Considering what it means, this is no surprise. “Positive selection” is no ordinary example of academic jargon. The term is frequently used by evolutionary biologists, who tell us it is responsible for the development of “traits that define our species—notably the enormous brain, advanced cognitive abilities, complex vocal organs, bipedalism and opposable thumbs.” And Gruber refers to mass abortions of unborn babies, whom he describes as “marginal children,” as an example of positive selection that includes the added benefit of saving the government money.  Should we be worried that an architect of Obamacare seems to be an advocate of what sounds an awful lot like eugenics?

And, attempts by the Democrats to revise history notwithstanding, Gruber did play an important part in Obamacare’s design. As I pointed out in this space a few weeks ago, he is known to have been present at high-level White House meetings at which crucial decisions were made concerning controversial provisions of the law. Moreover, the Obama DOJ has frequently cited him in its court filings relating to King v. Burwell and other crucial cases relating to PPACA. Considering his views on the subject, it is virtually certain that Gruber was also involved in the decision to require insurance carriers to include abortion coverage in policies sold through Obamacare exchanges. 

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