Saturday, November 2, 2013

Professor John Lott Bitch Slaps Psychologist Study(???) Study: If You're White And Own A Gun, You're Racist

Before your head explodes from the near terminal stupid in this study remember that the people responsible for it are Psychologists: people who've studied the Psychological Claptrap 3 times Longer than Psychiatrists themselves.

And after you've read the Complete article at Fox News, review what we've dug up for you under our heading: The Masters Tournament.

The Big 3 in Psychology - Freud, Jung, and Adler - were respectively, An Aethist, a Hitler Worshipper, and a lifelong Delusional Simpleton who lost Both his Wife and Daughter to Soviet Socialism (and Still thought its promised Great Equality was a Great Idea) and had the unbridled Chutzpah to write a book for the 'Little People' titled "What Life Should Mean To You".

And that those 3 clowns are the foundation of Depth Psychology, from which all other schools of Psychological Theorizing sprung.

[and you wonder why none of these hucksters ever cure anyone except themselves and their co-workers]

via weaselzippers;
Study: If You're White And Own A Gun, You're Racist

One, two, three, let’s say it together! Racisssst!
Via Fox News:
If you believe a new study, whites who own guns do so because they harbor racist feelings towards blacks. Indeed, in the study, four Australian and British psychologists also claim that racism is associated with opposition to gun control.
The lead paragraph on this study in Friday’s New York Daily News summed up the claim this way: “Racism and guns go together.”
So how is racism measured? Well, you are apparently “racist” if you don’t agree that the legacy of slavery still has a great impact on how blacks are faring today. After all, slavery was abolished 158 years ago.
The notion that gun owners must be racist appears to fit journalists’ worldview so well it probably never dawned on them that this research was fatally flawed.
Besides, blacks were doing relatively better on many dimensions, such as family stability, during the early 1960s than today.

Thank You Professor Lott, Fox News, and Zip.

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