Monday, November 18, 2013

Pelosi Has Incoherent Meltdown On Meet The Press: VIDEO

Pelosi's District has more Shrinks per person than any District in America. The Democrat Party chose Pelosi as the finest, most cunning mind among themselves to represent Themselves to the American People.

She is putting Their best foot forward.

Gaze in wonder as you shudder Your way through this clip possessing the realization that Pelosi is as responsible for the unraveling by the minute of this bucket of waste, fraud, abuse, nepotism and worse called ObamaCare as any other Obama Partisan/Crony in DC is, AND, that her grasping little Insider Trading, Prevariacating claws are Still wrapped firmly around your country's throat as the Minority Leader of the US House of Representatives.

Pelosi is what FREE STUFF from Government actually is.

THIS, is what Govt BUYS with Your Money,
in Pelosi's District.

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