Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sister's (Seroquel) Suicide Triggers Lawsuit Against VA

Army Times has;
Sister's Suicide Triggers Lawsuit Against VA

By Patricia Kime - Staff writer
Posted : Thursday Dec 6, 2012 18:38:38 EST
On Veterans Day 2010, former Navy corpsman Kelli Marie Grese, 37, swallowed an unknown quantity of the antipsychotic Seroquel — her fourth suicide attempt in eight months using the same drug.
That time, she succeeded. She never regained consciousness.
Her death is the subject of a $5 million lawsuit filed against the Veterans Affairs Department in the U.S. District Court in Newport News, Va., alleging VA physicians failed to monitor her medications and prescribed them excessively.
Her twin sister, Darla Grese, also a former Navy corpsman, filed the suit, saying physicians at Hampton VA Medical Center, Va., ignored her pleas to quit doling out prescriptions to her sister, a known addict deemed at “moderate risk for suicide.

Thank You Army Times and Ms Kime

Continue reading Army Times coverage here.

And antipsychotics are sold to Prevent Suicide. And Corpsman Grese tried to take her own life 4 times in 8 months while she was Taking an antipsychotic.

We keep telling you the drugs are worse than just useless.

They're lethal.

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