Friday, December 14, 2012

75% of Obama's Proposed Tax Hikes Go Toward New Spending

WeaselZippers has;
75% of Obama's Proposed Tax Hikes Go Toward New Spending

Don’t worry, he’s not a tax-and-spend liberal.
[A]ccording to the minority side of the Senate Budget Committee, $1.2 trillion of the proposed $1.6 trillion in tax hikes would go toward new spending, while only $400 billion would go toward deficit reduction.
“The [president's] plan called for $1.6 trillion in new taxes, twice what the president asked for in the campaign. He asked for $800 billion during the campaign. Now he wants $1.6 trillion in new taxes,” said Senator Jeff Sessions, the ranking member on the Senate Budget Committee, last week on the floor.
“Spending under that plan would increase $1 trillion above the levels agreed to in the Budget Control Act, as signed into law. We agreed to the Budget Control Act 16 months ago, in August 2011, and we raised the debt ceiling and agreed to reduce spending. We raised the debt ceiling $2.1 trillion and agreed to reduce spending $2.1 trillion. The President’s plan would take out over $1.1 trillion of those spending limitations that are in current law. I repeat, spending will increase more than $1 trillion above the already projected growth in spending,” Sessions added.

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With realities like This underlying the MSM version of Life in America, is it any wonder people get depressed?

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