Wednesday, October 5, 2011

LA Awards $48 Million To Injured J&J Motrin Consumer

Pharmalot has;

"A Los Angeles jury has ordered Johnson & Johnson and its McNeil Consumer Healthcare unit to pay $48.2 million to a man who developed a severe skin disorder and blood blisters in his mouth after taking the Motrin over-the-counter pain reliever. In reaching its decision, the jury found that the Motrin labeling was inadequate and should have been changed years before Christopher Trejo took the pills."

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Also from Pharmalot, see:

"..... A new law that many people may not be aware of requires the results for most drug and device trials to be posted on However, there is a loophole that exempts trials of products that are still in development and if they are never approved, the results don’t need to be posted. ..... "

Loophole huh? Ooooooh, ..... kay, .....

Thank you Pharmalot.

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