Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hello Johnson & Johnson: And How Are You Today?

We get interesting visits from time to time.

On October 18th at 3:10 pm, Someone stopped by to have a Look at us in Their magic, desktop monitor.

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Now you State Attorneys General Pay Attention, please.

What's Next from J&J in defense of their Risperdal?

Will it be the excuse that "Well, At least our Risperdal's cheaper and not as bad as ECT?"

"a South Carolina jury has decided that Johnson & Johnson's Risperdal marketing violated consumer-protection laws, the state and the company are wrangling over an appropriate punishment. J&J lawyers asked Circuit Judge Roger Couch to impose a "small penalty," while the state has urged a $5,000 penalty for each violation of the South Carolina Unfair Trade Practices Act--a judgment that could amount to billions of dollars, Bloomberg reports.

J&J says the state has exaggerated the impact of its infractions. "
We have a case here where nobody has been deceived and nobody has been harmed," attorney Edward Posner argued on behalf of J&J. "At most a small penalty should be imposed."

We wouldn't put ANYTHING Past a company whose lawyers advance claims like That in Court, especially when even the US VA can't get a single 'Positive Outcome' from the stuff.

And the Psychiatric Bio-Science Selling it at Street Level Is, ...... An 'Illuminati' (Oh for Chrissakes) sitting on his duff at Esalen fixing other people's 'Mentawl Illnetheths' by watching a 70 year old children's movie, ..... For them.

The logical conclusion to be drawn from Francis G Liar Lu's presumptive viewings of the Wizard of Oz owning some mystical power to 'Treat' the symptoms of Psychiatry's political 'Illness' diagnosings leaves us with the correlate that IF, his movie reviews do in fact possess any alleviative, ameliorative, benefit, we could finally once and for all march hand in hand down the yellow brick road to a for Really and for Truly, FINAL SOLUTION/CURE, for Psychiatry's complete and utter, murderous Bullshit, by simply hiring MORE, Lying, Wizard of Oz Watchers for America at a cost of $181,600 public dollars per year, ....... Right?

People Must be NUTZ because they just don't have Enough Psychiatrists going to the Movies for them, at the Esalen Institute, ...... which is listed as a supporter of Implementing the United Nothings, excuse us, United Nation's:

which wants to see to it that Mother Gaia - that's Rocks & Mud worshipped as a divine entity - only has to have a Maximum of 500 Million of us nasty, useless human beings on her. (which means getting rid of 80%-90% of the Rest of humanity)

Back at cha' J&J. Here's Looking At You.

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