Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Park Doctrine: FDA Issues Their Position: "Like, Oh Well, Whatever"

FDA Law Blog has;

This pdf explaining What the Park Doctrine is.

from their main post:

What's at stake is Pharma Upper Management being held responsible for what those beneath them (whom they're getting the big money to Be responsible for) do.

At Pharmalot:

"These moves also come as the Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General pushes for measures to make it possible to ban pharma execs from doing business with federal health programs, if their companies have been convicted of fraud."

Perhaps a "Binding Position" on such issues might be easier for FDA to reach if they weren't so dependent upon the industries they're regulating for such a large chunk of their operating expenses.

Uh hunh. While they're allowing onto the market such "safe & effectives" as:

We have to go with Forbes on this latest piece of "Look at Us! We're actually Doing Something!"
"As others have correctly observed, the FDA’s non-binding criteria is full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

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