Thursday, December 9, 2010

J&J: 9 FDA Recalls In 2010: Projected $1.2 Billion Loss In 2011

J&J can't seem to keep their feet out of the trouble pot.

FDA has;

Thanks and a Hat Tip to Pharmalot for:

FDA also makes available their correspondence to J&J's McNeil Healthcare: some absolutely Fascinating reading about What's lurking in your medicine cabinet (and Why it shouldn't be).

Pharmalot has Wells Fargo Security Analyst Larry Bigelsen downgrading J&J shares and predicting a "Virtual Certainty" of seeing J&J's Las Piedres plant - where most of their US made OTC drugs originate - Shut Down under a consent decree or injunction after their Fort Washington Pa. facility was similarly put on ice.

Pharmalot's search box has more gladsome tidings on J&J's troubles.

So, Merry Christmas J&J stockholders: DIVEST NOW and Beat the Rush!

And for More News on doings in Drug Land see FiercePharma.

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