Monday, December 6, 2010

Ghostwriting: 3 Blogs In POGO's Wake

Howard Brody's Hooked, Medicine, Ethics & Pharma has;

"One of the things this drove home, though we had much evidence of it before, is that speakers' bureaus are basically bribe machines to reward high-prescribing physicians; the ability to speak coherently is much less of a qualification."

& 1 Boring Old Man has;


roaches (the Graphics are Pride of Show.)

"..... But mostly, there’s a culture, particularly in Psychiatry, of giving people like this a bye because they bring in money to their Institutions. The solution is easy. Dry up the money, even if the NIH has to declare a moratorium on all drug/device trials. If we don’t do that, the NIH/NIMH will simply go away. ..... ."

Hat Tip to Healthcare Renewal for the above, from their post;

We've been mulling this book fiasco over for a few days, & wondering what to say about it which might be printable, but, .... 1 Boring Old Man's improvement of the APA's letterhead is pretty hard to cap.

The PLoS has an in depth look at Academic Ghostwriting as well:

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