Monday, March 29, 2010

Government Healthcare: 1993, The Violence Initiative

A Biomedical Programme For Urban Violence Control In The US 1993" : (3rd pdf from the bottom)

“A storm of controversy has surrounded recent disclosures that the US Government is planning a massive program of psychiatric intervention into the inner cities aimed at identifying and treating young children with presumed genetic and biochemical predispositions for violence. The Programme, called the Violence Initiative, was first described and promoted by psychiatrist Fredrick Goodwin, Director of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).

“Anatomy is destiny.”
Sigmund Freud

And further empowering Government to stick its nose into Healthcare is a good idea, ..... Why?


Duane said...


The more things change, the more they stay the same, huh?

Don't tell me Pharma wants to do this... Pharma?

The same Pharma that has met behind closed doors with this President and this Congress for almost a year?

The same Pharma that has partnered with an out-of-control centralized bureacratic nightmare of "leadership?"

The same Pharma that has targeted children for decades - with mind-altering drugs?

Say it isn't so, Joe.... Say it itsn't so.

Wake up call to those who still believe in Obama and this Congress - "Wake up!"


Duane said...

This President and this Congress are tyrrants!

Plain and simple.

Those of us who are willing to speak up are called racists, mocked, ridiculed.... or worse.

But guess what, we're not going away!

We're gonna keep calling it like we see it... So, let me repeat it again with feeling -

This President is a tyrannt!
This Congress is full of tyrannts!

For any of your readers who have a problem with free speech - MOVE!... to the socialist country of your choice, and leave the rest of us alone !!!

In liberty,


D Bunker said...

The abuse of process involved in this Congressional buy out Ought to be the final determinant for any still straddling the fence.

If the President's party can get away with This, .... just What, .... do his supporters think They will be served at the polls in November?

America is swinging decidedly Conservative. How would the Socialists Feel if Republican Majorities in both Houses required them to go to church every Sunday?

Duane said...


The President's party isn't going to know what hit them in November.

"Bye-bye" to all of those who ignored the people they worked for!

The people are going to come out in record numbers... like we've never seen... and some arrogant elected officials are going to be replaced by public servants who understand their role.... servants of the people, who can be easily replaced!

Hopefully, this so-called health care legislation will be repealed!

Thanks for the article.

In liberty,


D Bunker said...

No, they won't; despite MSM attempts to marginalize the 'Tea Partiers'. And it looks as if This time, those Citizens are going to demand Stricter Constitutional Constructionists.

If this onerous piece of legislation is Not overturned, In Toto, the door will remain open for Legislative infamy of any and all sort: Government by Fiat.

Duane said...

"We the people"...

We are the ones who will turn over this health-care power grab...

In toto.

We are the ones who will put this federal government back to its proper role - a very limited role!

It ain't over 'till it's over...
And it ain't over!