Sunday, March 28, 2010

Americans Enraged

Clearing The Air has:

Americans Enraged by Democratic Government (and RWJF Lobbied) Takeover Of Our Private Healthcare System Can Demonstrate Their Anger With Their Wallet
"Stop spending money on any and all Johnson & Johnson products Tylenol, Bandaid, Nicoderm, etc. (SC Johnson (cleaning product manufacturer) is not related to the J & J pharmaceutical and medical device conglomerate)

RWJF is the private foundation of the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturer. In a misguided, rent seeking legislative effort, RWJF has been lobbying for government healthcare in the U.S for over 30 years."

CTA has more. Go Read.

We already have Medicare. If Medicare is such a great idea, why didn't Congress just put Everyone on Medicare?

The Heritage Foundation (2005) has:

The Economic And Fiscal Effects Of Funding Medicare's Unfunded Liabilities
"The numbers speak for themselves. Providing promised Medicare Benefits is projected to require $2.7 Trillion (in nominal dollars) in new tax revenues over just the next ten years and a mind boggling $29.9 Trillion (in 2005 dollars) over the next 75 years."

And we Needed this Additional Gargantuan Healthcare Bureaucracy, ...... Why?

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