Sunday, April 1, 2018

China Accuses Canada of Being 'US Colony' As Trade Sparks Fly

Fair Trade. Not Free Trade. If it's Fair (mutually beneficial) it's a Green Light. If it's Free (giving away the store in a One Country barrage of Govt restrictions Against the Other Country) then it's Not Trade. It's Fraud, which is another way of saying Theft.

Asia Times
Gordon Watts March 30, 2018 6:54 PM (UTC+8)

When it comes to swapping insults, China’s state-owned media is in a league of its own. With a heavy helping of bile, the world’s second-largest economy ratcheted up the rhetoric with the United States in a looming trade war by branding neighbor Canada a “US colony.”

In a 477-word media tirade, China picked apart remarks made by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday when he announced plans to bring in new regulations to crack down on countries dumping cheap steel and aluminum in foreign markets.

“Canada is a trading nation, and we will not allow North American industries to be hurt or threatened by unfair trade practices, like the diversion of steel and aluminum,” Trudeau said in a statement, without directly naming China.

“Our businesses and workers rely on our integrated industries, and we will take strong action to defend and protect our most important trade relationships. Canada will not be used as a backdoor into other North American markets. Our people have worked hard to be competitive in this global economy, and they deserve a level playing field,” he added.

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Thank You Prime Minister Trudeau, Mr. Watts, and Asia Times.

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