Monday, March 26, 2018

All Eyes On North Korea

Here's the US Trade Representative's report on China's compliance with WTO agreements.

We're getting screwed and it is this blogger's considered opinion that North Korea's missile hurling fit a few months back was done as Bejing's proxy, expressing their displeasure with President Trump's decision to stop 'Giving Away The Store'.

Foreign Policy

With talk of a “bloody nose” strike against North Korea being debated in Washington, public attention has focused on conventional military preparations for a U.S. attack on Pyongyang. Less noticed, but possibly even more telling, is the surge in recent months of intelligence resources.

Senior officials have made no secret of the fact that the administration is ramping up its intelligence capabilities to focus on the Korean Peninsula, but six sources familiar with U.S. planning described a nearly unprecedented scramble inside the agencies responsible for spying and cyber warfare.

In fact, the initial strike against the North Korean regime could be digital rather than physical, according to two former intelligence officials with knowledge of the preparations. 

“The first shot will be cyber,” one of the former officials said.

As North Korean leader Kim Jong Un flaunts his nation’s strides in missile development, the U.S. government for the past six months has covertly begun laying the groundwork for possible cyberattacks on North Korea in countries including South Korea and Japan. This process involves installing fiber cables as bridges into the region and setting up remote bases and listening posts, where hackers may attempt to gain access to a North Korean internet that’s largely walled off from external connections.

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If you're tempted to think confronting Chinese Communism is mere political bluster;

 Trump Bans Most Transgender People From Serving In Military

With a post surgery attempted Suicide Rate of 41% these Psychologically/Psychiatrically misled victims have no business in a combat zone endangering the lives and safety of their team members.

You also need to ask why John Bolton is in right on the heels of this stop screwing up the miltary by making it an 'Everyone gets a big hug and their own parade to lead', Social Engineering playschool. 

The Military Options For North Korea: by John Bolton

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