Thursday, February 16, 2017

Trump Launches Full Attack on Opposition Party, . . . the "Mainstream Media"

We have Never enjoyed a Presidential presser even half as much as this one. Hysterical, and right on the nose.


Posted: Feb 16, 2017 10:50 AM

President Donald Trump continued his campaign against the mainstream media on Thursday,  attacking "FAKE NEWS" media and comparing major news outlets to the Democratic Party.

In two separate tweets, President Trump reminded Americans that Democrats and the mainstream media are trying to bring his movement and presidency to an end.

There is a seismic shift going on in the ways in which Americans obtain and comprehend the news.  Cable television and the archaic ways of distributing reality to the American people in a politically correct manner are slowly being delegitimized by Youtube and Twitter users who are beholden to no one.  

Yesterday, President Trump gave a reality check to the "opposition party" by only taking questions from conservative news sites like Townhall.  
CNN reacted with fury, claiming that the "fix is in."

Times are changing quickly.  Political correctness in the mainstream media has officially been exposed to the American people by President Trump and his loyal advisors.  
This is just the beginning.

It's so blatant that even Piers Morgan "gets it".

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