Saturday, March 28, 2015

Texas Governor Abbot: White House Failing To Secure The Border

WESLACO, Texas – The White House has been failing America in securing the border forcing Texas to step up to the plate and do what the federal government won’t do. That is the message that Texas governor Greg Abbott relayed during his most recent visit to the border.

“We must continue to protect Texas against the increasing threats from drug cartels, human traffickers,” Abbott said during a press conference attended by Breitbart Texas.

In an effort to secure the border, Abbott is expecting to receive state funding for 500 additional state troopers, cameras, aerostats and other equipment that will eventually allow border authorities better control of the porous border with Mexico.

“This is not just a border issue, this is not a Texas issue,” Gov. Abbott said. “It’s a national issue. The border of Texas is a major crossing point for cartels and cartel related activity but once it crosses it disperses across the entire country. “

As Breitbart Texas’ Bob Price previously reported, Texas DPS deployed additional troopers to the border after a switch in illegal immigration sent hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants and illegal criminal aliens to through the Rio Grande Valley. This quickly overwhelmed U.S. Border Patrol agents and Homeland Security efforts to stop the flow.

“We expect the President of the United States of America to fulfill his responsibility. As much as the state stepped up to secure the border, this is a fundamental responsibility of the federal government,” the Governor stated. “We continue to expect and demand the federal government to step up and perform its fundamental responsibility of securing the border, protecting its sovereignty and keeping the state of Texas safe.”
The Governor said his plan to expand the presence of Texas State Troopers along the border will lead to the scaling back of the Texas National Guard. This will lead to a more efficient force since, as Texas peace officers, the troopers will have arrest powers and other capabilities that the Guardsmen do not.
“We can and we must be more efficient and more effective in the process to secure the border,” Abbott said at the end of the conference.” The challenge is immense but Texas is up to the challenge.”
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Given Obama's Imperial Executive Amnesty, does this next report turn on any light switches?


Special Forces To Swarm Southern States And Operate Undetected For Weeks

Via Daily Mail:
Seven Southwestern states will soon be infiltrated by 1,200 military special ops personnel as part of a controversial domestic military training in which some of the elite soldiers will operate undetected among civilians.
Operation Jade Helm begins in July and will last for eight weeks. Soldiers will operate in and around towns in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado where some of them wil drop from planes while carrying weapons loaded with blanks in what military officials have dubbed Realistic Military Training.
But with residents of the entire states of Texas and Utah dubbed ‘hostile’ for the purposes of the exercises, Jade Helm has some concerned the drills are too realistic.

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It's later than you think America, much later.

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