Thursday, March 20, 2014

Arkansas Supreme Court Overturns $1.2 Billion Verdict Against J&J/Janssen/Risperdal

via MadInAmerica;
Arkansas Court Overturns $1.2 Billion Verdict Against J&J

March 20, 2014

The Arkansas Supreme Court today overturned a $1.2 billion judgment against Johnson & Johnson, ruling that laws requiring companies to properly communicate risks and use of drugs applies to health care companies, not pharmaceutical companies.  ”I am disappointed that the Court viewed the law differently. Nevertheless, I will keep working to protect consumers against fraud and the kinds of irresponsible and greedy actions shown by Johnson & Johnson and Janssen Pharmaceuticals in their marketing of the drug Risperdal,” said Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel.
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Thank You MIA and Mr Cole.

Random thoughts;
Law Enforcement, so far as we can tell, at every level - Local, State, and Federal - has done Nothing about San Francisco's ghost Psych Hospitals and Staffs, since we broke this story in 2010.
Pelosi (35)
Why does Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the figurehead of the SS Mental Illness/San Francisco continue to exhibit the classic Psychiatric Symptomology of a pathological liar?
from, The Hill:
Despite the fact that Democrats in DC are having an almost across the board case of the cold, night sweat dreads over having foisted it on America.
The coming mid-term elections are going to bruise her party severely. 
Why, did Her Party's IRS steal the medical (meaning any record of psychological or psychiatric treatment) records of Every State Judge in her District's State?

House Investigates Claims That IRS Seized (60) Millions Of Medical Records

"The complaint says records involve 10 million Americans including every state judge in California, as well as "prominent citizens in the world of entertainment, business and government, from all walks of life."

Why would the Obama IRS want the Medical Records of Every State Judge in California?

Say what you will about California, despite Congressman Issa-R winning election, the place is Not a Republican State.

These Judges are predominantly their own partisans.
San Francisco Is #1 City In America For Venture Biotech Funding

Why are we allowing Private Industry to Become our Government?
Public/Private Partnerships?
Even Radio Talk Host Rush Limbaugh, who is very big on American Exceptionalism through Free Market Capitalism, which this blog is Also an unreserved advocate of, recently made the observation that what's going on today is not truly Free Market, but is increasingly Becoming, "Corporatism, which is Facism".
One of Limbaugh's callers posed the question, 'When have you ever seen a Democrat running for Office claim that they deserved to be elected because They would work with Republicans. 
You don't see it because they have no intention whatsoever of working with Republicans, only of completely Destroying them and America's system of a plurality of Political Thought, . . . . in trade for a One Party System, Their's.

So, did Lois Lerner's IRS get their hands on the medical records of any Supreme Court Judges in Arkansas?

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