Thursday, February 6, 2014

Moonbat Professor To Live In Dumpster For A Year To Save The Planet


Academia is overflowing with kooks like this.
Via ABC News:
It’s the ultimate in going green. An environmental science professor is making a 33-square-foot dumpster his new home for the next year.
His name is Dr. Jeff Wilson, but since embarking on this journey, he’s now going by Professor Dumpster.
He teaches at Huston-Tillotson University in Austin, Texas, and received his Ph.D. from Harvard.
The goal is to embrace energy efficiency, and to prove that it is possible to live on a smaller scale — a much smaller scale.
This whole project revolves around using one percent of what an average American uses: one percent of the water, energy and waste.
“We really needed some sort of excitement around science, sustainability and technology,” says Wilson.
He says the idea came to him over two years ago. Since then he’s been recruiting a world-class team of professors, scientists and environmentalists to make his idea a reality.
“My hypothesis is that my life will be better,” Wilson says. “I’ll be fulfilling a richer life by living a smaller life.”

Thank You ABC, WZ, and Zip.

And the Mental/Political Illness Industry resides WHERE?

But NO, they have Oceans of Clinical Field research, they're not just hiding in Ivory Towers spinning out their theories of what makes people tick. They're in the trenches drugging, shocking and bullshitting people all day every day.

They're not all just Academics like this piece of Dumpster Fill.

However, . . . at the Largest Chain of Hospitals and Health Care Dispensaries in America, they haven't had a "Positive Outcome" yet, not will they, . . . Ever.

Dear US Department Of Veterans Affairs, An Open Letter

Harvard gave this Prof a PhD. 

Don't get your hopes up. He's probably got tenure so he can't even be fired much less picked up.

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