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Psychiatric Genetics Future: DELETE Defective Genes.

Fierce Biotech Research has;
Updated: Deleting A Gene In Mice Prevents Obesity
March 11, 2013 | By 
Scientists may have found a way to prevent obesity, effectively curbing weight gain in mice that were given a high-fat diet.
[Ed; Again, Selling 'Hope' on Public Monies: "MAY" not Have found, and the response is DELETE IT Get RID of it.]
The mechanism is the Plin2 gene, which is present in both humans and mice and produces a protein that regulates fat storage and metabolism. Researchers at the University of Colorado School of Medicine created a new strain of mice by deleting the Plin2 gene. What they found was startling--the new mice without the gene were resistant to obesity.

"We had some idea that this would alter metabolism but didn't think it would have such a profound effect on obesity," said Professor James McManaman, lead author of the study and vice chairman of research for obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, to FierceBiotechResearch.

The researchers fed mice a high-fat diet, which under normal circumstances would have made the mice overeat. Instead, the mice exhibited restraint. They ate less and were more physically active. The fat cells of the new strain of mice without the Plin2 gene were also 20% smaller than those in typical mice, according to the study. They also didn't become inflammatory, a characteristic that is usually associated with obesity. In addition, mice without the Plin2 gene did not show any signs of obesity-associated fatty liver disease, which is common in both obese humans and rodents.

McManaman said the study's findings are important because it shows that genetics--not just diet--could be a major culprit in obesity. But there is still more work to be done.

"This is simply a preventative," he said. "We don't know if this could work in a mouse that is already obese and we could knock out this gene."

The next step for McManaman's team, he said, is to test the effects of deleting the gene in mice that are already obese. The ability to disrupt obesity could be a major breakthrough if the scientists eventually take their work to human studies.

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Editor's note: This story was updated to correct a previous version with a typo saying that the new mice with the Plin2 gene were resistant to obesity.

Thank You Fierce Biotech Research and Ms Mullin.

"MAY have found a way" is All you're going to get from Psychiatric Genetics Researchers who Can NOT replicate their Junk, Eugenic, Research.

Now, have a good look at what this Worse than useless,  Dangerous crap erupted into the Last time it was given free reign.

It's coming to light that it was a lot worse than we knew.

A Lot Worse.

AHRP has;

The Holocaust Just Got More Shocking

So it's only mice today, Who Cares.

80 years ago it only Da Jooos, and Da Gypsies, and nobody cared then either.

And the unbelievably Damning, Real Science paradox in Psychiatric Genetics remains that it has so far, Unequivocally, Scientifically demolished its own junk science contention that "Da Jooos" (or anyone else) did it in Carl Jung's Nazi Worshipping Collective Unconscious.

Carl Jung and Friends

Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, . .  Nobody but Nobody possesses those defective Behavioral genes, . . . and no matter How much Money we Waste on this non-science, . . the results keep coming back the same.

'Hope' remains, . . . for ever increasing amounts of Waste, Fraud and Abuse to purchase more 'Hope'.

'They' are not Fixing anything. 'They' are Deleting it.

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