Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WND: Political Psychiatry In The USA

World Net Daily has;
Doctor Warns : Obama Taking Over Psychiatry

Go read it. Background on the USSR's politicization of junk medicine. And, in the USSA, . . . .

". . . . Dr. Charles Sell, DDS, was confined in federal prison for five years and nearly subjected to forced anti-psychotic drugging. He was deemed “paranoid” and thus incompetent to stand trial. After serving many years, he was sprung finally after an arduous legal battle was waged in his defense. Initially charged with defrauding Medicaid, at the end he was found to have “defrauded” the Medicaid system only about $35. His paranoid delusion? That the government was “out to get him. . . . . ”

 So, . . . . Read it. 

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