Friday, July 20, 2012

J&J Risperdal Agrees To Pay Obama DOJ's Parking Ticket has;

J&J Agrees To $US2BN Settlement: Report

J&J has finally blustered their way into agreeing to Buy their Way Out of trouble again with the Obama DOJ. The actual penalties charged haven't yet been finalized, but they're large enough to the unpracticed eye to Appear a to be a heinous punishment.

Here's's opener:
"JOHNSON & Johnson has agreed to pay up to $US2.2 billion ($A2.12 billion) in a settlement for paying illegal kickbacks in the marketing of the anti-psychotic drug Risperdal, according to a newspaper report.
The Wall Street Journal, which reported the settlement on Thursday, said it would include a $400 million criminal fine. The final amount would depend on how many states accepted the settlement.
Johnson & Johnson and the US Department of Justice both declined to comment.
The Journal said Johnson & Johnson would disclose the general terms of the settlement in the next few weeks.
The company would still be allowed to sell its products to Medicare and other government health-care programs.

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Notice that J&J sidestepped being booted OFF the Medicare Reimbursement bandwagon which they richly deserved, but Some Companies are Too Big to Fail (or too well connected) in August 2011; (remember that date)

Barf Alert, Obama Consults J&J CEO Weldon On Fixing The Economy

J&J/PhARMA Parented ObamaCare

Do you think $2.2 Billion actually means S**t to J&J? has;
FTC Approves $21.3 Billion J&J Synthes Deal

Here's what just One of our 50 States recently charged J&J for their Risperdal shenanigans.
J&J Guilty Says Arkansas Jury In $1.25 Billion Risperdal Marketing Case

And right about that Same timein August 2011, 40 State AGs wanted Their Own piece of J&J's Risperdal shenanigans.
J&J/FEDS Reach Deal On One Risperdal Charge

But the two events in August 2011 couldn't have any bearing on each other, right?

J&J has taken You for How Much with their Risperdal?

"this Court finds the actions of the Defendants, upon this audience, to be detestable."
"Annual Sales of Risperdal worldwide per annual reports of Johnson & Johnson, Inc.
1994: $0.172 Billion
1995: $0.343 Billion
1996: $0.502 Billion
1998: $0.588 Billion
1999: $0.892 Billion
2000: $1.083 Billion
2001: $1.845 Billion
2002: $2.146 Billion
2003: $2.512 Billion
2004: $3.05 Billion
2005: $3.552 Billion
2006: $4.180 Billion
2007: $4.697 Billion
2008: $1.309 Billion
2009: $1.425 Billion
2010: $1.50 Billion

Total for the period: $29.796 Billion

Testimony at trial indicated that the profit margin for sales of Risperdal was 97% or $28.90 Billion for the period of 1994-2010"
Shall we review? 
And this is Less than 5 years of a 15 and 1/2 year run.

RisperidoneReported By
Adverse ReactionCasesMDCNOTPHLWNR
Suicidal Ideations1428663513210
Attempted Suicides248248255317611
Completed Suicides107841237944
Deaths Not From Suicide900788135357754833
Homicidal Ideations1616214000
Heart Disease318262379044818
Movement Disorders9645352263551323776
Birth Defects5037324603
Premature Births11906000
Prenatal/Neonatal Deaths45341222400

Top 20 Adverse Drug Reactions reported for Risperidone and its Brand Names
Adverse ReactionCases
Diabetes Mellitus377
Weight Increased332
Drug Interaction264
Suicide Attempt248
Psychotic Disorder192
Extrapyramidal Disorder190
Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome188
Tardive Dyskinesia158
Blood Prolactin Increased157
Drug Ineffective139

And who could forget This chart topper?

94% of Drug Adverse Reactions Are Never Reported To Government Regulators

Or its B side?

Yes Dear Readers, and family members of crippled or dead Risperdal consumers, Johnson and Johnson has rocketed its way to the top of the charts with yet another hit for your summer entertainment.

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