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Neuroleptics (Antipsychotics) CAUSING Suicide has:

"while mainstream neuromythological psychiatry”3 has a biochemical explanation for all human emotions, even for love or being moved by looking into the sunset (“Alles,” 2000), when it comes to the explanation of suicides of “schizophrenics,” psychiatry explains this only by emotional and socio-economical factors."
The drugs, labels, and pile upon pile of dehumanizing Frauds perpetrated upon consumers subjected to Psychiatric 'Treatment' are routinely justified/shuffled off by Psychiatrists as the "patient's lack of insight into their need for treatment".

Take for instance this doublespeak from the 2005 FDA Risperdal label:
"Suicide attempt was associated with discontinuation in 1.2% of RISPERDAL-treated patients compared to 0.6% of placebo patients, but, given the almost 40-fold greater exposure time in RISPERDAL compared to placebo patients, it is unlikely that suicide attempt is a RISPERDAL-related adverse event (see PRECAUTIONS)"
As Mr Lehmann points out, Psychiatry defends itself through blaming the consumer for having Non-Existent, Brain Chemical Imbalances/Genetic Defects.

But as to consumer Suicides/Homicides, Psychiatrists remain singularly reticent to address the business of their drugs, labels, and arrant FRAUDS actually being the Causative Agent.

This paper's only 20 pages long. You can read it in one sitting. Here's a brief refresher on how many suicides they've actually prevented.

Throwing ($40.3) Billions Down A Psych Drug Rat Hole
"Yet in 1987, the year Prozac was approved, and not coincidentally, the year the bogus epidemic in mental disorders began in this country, the number of suicides was 30,796, according to the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control."

In the latest year posted of 2006, after hundreds of billions of dollars were thrown down a psych drug rat hole, the number of suicides was 33,292."

Mr Lehmann's paper explains it in just 20 pages.

"In Coming off Psychiatric Drugs (Lehmann, 1998, 2004),7 a book about the possibilities and experiences of coming off psychiatric drugs, Bellion gave a report about her psychic condition under Haldol administered by a community psychiatrist:

“I vegetate behind my neuroleptic wall and I am locked out of the world and out of life. The real world is further from me than Pluto is from the sun. My own secret world is also gone – my last refuge and I had destroyed it with Haldol. This is not my life. This is not me. I may as well be dead. An idea has begun to take shape. Before winter comes I will hang myself. But before that I want to try and see if my life would be different without Haldol. I reduce the number of drops. I take less and less until I arrive at zero. After one month I am clean. Then I begin to notice how unkempt I am. I wash my hair, make the bed, clean the apartment. I prepare a warm meal. I even enjoy doing this. I can think again.” (2004, p. 280)."

The Psychiatric excuse for poisoning these drugs into people is biological.

But, the Suicides and Homicides those consumers commit After being Psychiatrically worked over are Not biological. They're concrete, discrete, unsolvable mysteries which Psychiatrists are working around the clock Bullshitting the un-psychoanalytically converted into believing:

1: They're not responsible for
2: They're going to prove it some day
3: They just haven't created Enough carnage yet on Everybody Else's Money
4: Therefore, Everybody Else must continue handing over their own Life, Liberty and Property to Psychiatry's Shibboleth of "Research Must Continue"

File this next one under, "Beating A Dead Horse":

"the VA health system serves more than 5.3 million people at more than 1,300 sites across the country, and also operates the largest medical education and training program in the US."
Schizophrenia is generally posited to affect 1% of the population. 1% of 5.3 Million would be 53,000 VA consumers treated for Schizophrenia.

"Though a positive outcome has not been observed with the NJ Algorithm to date,

Since the VA's NJ Algorithm is a modified version of the TMAP (Texas Medication Algorithm Project) The Bonkers Institute offers a plain english version of MIMA: The Michigan Mutation which is Also a version of TMAP.

"The cutting edge of science

This project was modeled after the Texas Implementation of Medication Algorithms. A distinguished panel of 25 Michigan experts very carefully replaced the word "Texas" with the word "Michigan" in all appropriate spots.

As new studies financed by drug companies discover ways to expand the market, and new products developed by drug companies enter the market, "this algorithm will be periodically revised and updated."

53,000 VA consumers is a lot of consumers to test these drugs and brainwashing tactics in without having a single "Positive Outcome" to date.

The Law of Averages suggests that among 53,000, even if the drugs were neutral/no more harmful than a sugar pill, there would have been Numerous, perhaps 40% to 60% spontaneous "Positive Outcomes".


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muzuzuzus said...

As Thomas Szasz shows clearly in his books and lectures these charlatans basically depend on their weapon of LANGUAGE to pull the wool over peoples eyes, especially the vulnerable people that come into their hands looking for help.
The psychiatrists share with their masters the same game, propaganda, which is influencing people with words and symbols, and a big piece of the game they depend on is the fragmenting of information, and this means people understanding the INTERCONNECTED corruption between these factions of oppression. Ie., there is a connection between Monsanto and war and the mental health movement, etc etc. get my drift. They want us to not BE connected with nature, but ALSO with understanding the network of corruption that keeps it that way!