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Congress Invests: The Fix Is In, For Pfizer And JNJ

Open Secrets has;

A ranking of the Investments members of the US Congress made for Their Own enrichment.

Pfizer/Zoloft ranks number 6, and J&J/Risperdal ranks number 8

Most Popular Congressional Investments, 2010

Just like many Americans, our elected officials like to play it safe with their investments, betting largely on blue chip companies across diverse industry groups. The chart below shows the most common assets among all members of Congress who served during all or part of 2010, ranked by the number of members invested in them, with breakdowns by party.

Select a year:

1General Electric944648
2Procter & Gamble743341
3Cisco Systems723339
4Microsoft Corp702842
5Bank of America682840
6Pfizer Inc612734
7AT&T Inc572037
8Intel Corp542430
8Johnson & Johnson541835
8Verizon Communications542232
11Exxon Mobil531439
12Apple Inc512130
13Coca-Cola Co492227
13JPMorgan Chase & Co491930
15PepsiCo Inc472225
16Wells Fargo451925
17Berkshire Hathaway431825
18Walt Disney Co411922
19Home Depot401624
20McDonald's Corp381721
22Merck & Co371423
22Citigroup Inc371522
24Abbott Laboratories351124
25Wal-Mart Stores311219
263M Co301614
26Oracle Corp301317
28Apache Corp291019
29Qualcomm Inc281216
30Google Inc271017
31Ford Motor Co26818
31Goldman Sachs26917
31Time Warner261412
35United Technologies25916
35Chevron Corp25817
35Bristol-Myers Squibb25718
38Amgen Inc24915
38Duke Energy241014
38Kraft Foods241014
38Teva Pharmaceutical Industries241212
44Schlumberger Ltd23716
44EMC Corp231310
44Comcast Corp231211
44Altria Group23617
48CVS/Caremark Corp22715
49Devon Energy21615
49Caterpillar Inc21813

Note: Senate, House, Executive branch and Judicial rules require the disclosure of items belonging to the filer's spouse and/or dependent children. When present, those items are displayed on this page and are included in all calculations throughout this section.

Feel free to distribute or cite this material, but please credit the Center for Responsive Politics. For permission to reprint for commercial uses, such as textbooks, contact the Center.

Thank You Very Much, Open Secrets, and a hat tip to Ms Tracy Staton at Fierce Pharma for the heads up. And what is it that Congress is Buying, for their Own portfolios?

Allen Jones Full Whistleblower Report pg 23:

"Journalist Robert Whitaker, via the Freedom of Information Act gained access to FDA data on

the drug trials for the Atypicals Risperdal, Seroqual and Zyprexa. Whitaker found that:

1. One in every 145 patients who entered the trials died, and yet those deaths were never

mentioned in the scientific literature.

2. The trials were structured to favor the Atypicals and most of the study reports were

discounted by the FDA as being biased.

3. One in every thirty-five patients in Risperdal trials experienced a serious adverse event, defined by the FDA as a life threatening event or one that required hospitalization.

4. Twenty-two percent of patients in Zyprexa trials suffered serious adverse events

5. The Atypicals did not demonstrate superior effectiveness or safety over Typical


It is important to note that a drug company does not have to prove that a new drug is safer or

more effective than an old drug to gain FDA approval. Essentially, the manufacturer has to

demonstrate that the drug is proved to yield better results than placebo in a statistically

significant number of patients in short-term trials (6-8 weeks).

And then there's This revolting admission on the 2005 Risperdal FDA Label:

Suicide attempt was associated with discontinuation in 1.2% of RISPERDAL!-treated patients compared to 0.6% of placebo patients, but, given the almost 40-fold greater exposure time in RISPERDAL! compared to placebo patients, it is unlikely that suicide attempt is a RISPERDAL!-related adverse event (see PRECAUTIONS). Discontinuation for extrapyramidal symptoms was 0% in placebo patients, but 3.8% in active-control patients in the Phase 2 and 3 trials.

Yeah, a 100% Increase in actual Suicide Attempts, but it's probably not the drug which is Inflicted/Marketed as a Suicide Preventative, ......... .

You might also want to read through some State Attorneys General Lawsuits Filed against the makers of J&J's Risperdal, because you gotta figure those State Attorneys Generals didn't just rip the allegations contained therein out of their Ears before they took J&J's Risperdal into Court.

State of Texas, 3rd Amended Petition

State of Arkansas

Commonwealth Of Massachusetts

And then there's this slip opinion from Justice Crouch in South Carolina, characterizing the Risperdal Gang, as he ordered them to Pay $327 Million to the State, as "Detestable".

Below, we've previously shared out that particular 'Detestable'.

"this Court finds the actions of the Defendants, upon this audience, to be detestable."
"Annual Sales of Risperdal worldwide per annual reports of Johnson & Johnson, Inc.
1994: $0.172 Billion
1995: $0.343 Billion
1996: $0.502 Billion
1998: $0.588 Billion
1999: $0.892 Billion
2000: $1.083 Billion
2001: $1.845 Billion
2002: $2.146 Billion
2003: $2.512 Billion
2004: $3.05 Billion
2005: $3.552 Billion
2006: $4.180 Billion
2007: $4.697 Billion
2008: $1.309 Billion
2009: $1.425 Billion
2010: $1.50 Billion

Total for the period: $29.796 Billion

Testimony at trial indicated that the profit margin for sales of Risperdal was 97% or $28.90 Billion for the period of 1994-2010"
And there's more 'Detestable' from J&J and their Risperdal gang. There's Always More Detestable. Like this Detestable, where 40 State AGs are looking into Joining the Detestable fray, which Never should have been Allowed, BY DC's FDA, to have Detestabled in the First place:

After J&J Failed 48% of 161 FDA Inspections in One Year

And Pfizer's Zoloft? Google Zoloft for an image search.

Are you going to Pay Attention from now until Election Day?

Are you going to call your current Elected Representatives and ask them What, they think they're doing?

Or perhaps you'd like to MAIL Them the State Attorney General Legal Filings, and ask them What in the Hell they think they're doing.

Thank You 60 Minutes.

Washington DC: The town that started out as a swamp and grew into a sewer.

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