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2.5 Million More Tylenol Get The "Recall" & CMS Considers Killing Medicare

Fierce Pharma has;

August 16, 2011 — 11:39am ET | By

The problems at McNeil Consumer Healthcare's troubled manufacturing plants continue to haunt Johnson & Johnson. The company has announced yet another recall of a Tylenol product made either at the now-shuttered Fort Washington, PA, plant or at another problem facility in Puerto Rico.

The company is pulling 2.5 million packages of Tylenol Cold Multi-Symptom Nighttime Rapid Release Gelcaps after discovering that certain capsules contained higher-than-expected levels of chlorpheniramine ammonio acetate (CPAA), the Wall Street Journal Health Blog reports. CPAA is formed by the combination of two ingredients in the product; it hasn't been linked to any health problems.

As the Philadelphia Inquirer notes, this recall is the fifth by McNeil this year. Most of the products pulled were Tylenol-branded meds, but some Benadryl and Sudafed products were also recalled. J&J units also recalled a couple of prescription drugs--Risperdal and Prezista--as well as several other products, including insulin-pump cartridges and surgical sutures.

J&J has lost hundreds of millions in sales from the McNeil recalls, and it's still working to fix all of the manufacturing problems uncovered by the FDA. The company entered into a consent decree in March with the agency, covering operations in Fort Washington and Lancaster, PA, as well as Las Piedras, Puerto Rico.

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Thank You Fierce Pharma and Ms Staton

Now, ...... the WSJ's Health Blog article (see the story from the Health Blog) is the Go To piece, because they've compiled a Running Tally, With Links, of J&J's Recall explosion.

And the WSJ is the Same outfit who've brought you This series.

Unlike Congress, the WSJ/Dow Jones is "Putting Its Money Where Its Mouth Is" in what can best be described as true, Free Market Capitalism:

They, are Making a Profit Selling News through helping to Clean Up our annual $100 - $120 Billion Medicare Fraud Mugging, .....

While Congress continues to put everybody Else's Money, money they don't even Have, into Their, Croney Capitalist, Vote Buying Hole, ..... and the President takes advice from:

You gotta wonder, if President Obama takes J&J Weldon's Leadership Cues, will it lead to His being investigated by 40 State Attorneys General?

Uhh, ..... wait a minute, ...... Didn't 26 of those State Attorneys General ALREADY give him the rough side of their tongue over his Socialist, Pack 'O Frauds, Obamacare: A Weekend Recap, Healthcare Takeover?

And in Related Government/CMS stupidity/culpability:

And those proposed Screenings are going to be somehow, More scientific than the Last set of Government funded Depression Screenings, ...... Why, and How?

The problem is not that Congress needed expanded check writing power, and the Antithesis of Any solution to the Jobs issue was Raising the Debt Ceiling. The solution is cutting Entitlement programs and the longer we put off that inevitable, the more it's going to hurt.

But then that's a Psycho/Pharma, Drug Kingpin Plus, because unsustainable DEBT = Depression, both economic & emotional. Making people Miserable, is simply Good for the Business of 'Mental Health'.

"If spending were the solution, we wouldn't have the problem."
Congressman Ron Paul

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