Tuesday, April 26, 2011

US VA May Lose Immunity For Its Lethal Incompetence

AllGov.com has;

Monday, April 25, 2011
Supreme Court May Review Law that Prevents Military Personnel from Suing for Medical Malpractice
Dean Patrick Witt
For more than 60 years, military personnel have been shielded from medical malpractice lawsuits. But that could end depending on what the U.S. Supreme Court decides to do with the case of former Air Force Sergeant Dean Patrick Witt.
Witt was pulled off life-support in 2003 following a botched anesthesia procedure that left him brain dead. He died January 9, 2004, at the age of 25. The nurse responsible for the mistake surrendered her state license, but Witt’s family was unable to sue the Air Force because of the Feres Doctrine. That precedent originated from a 1950 court case that ruled military medical mistakes were the same as battlefield injuries, making the armed services immune from civil litigation.
The Supreme Court is deciding whether it wants to hear the Witt case. If the court overturns the Feres Doctrine, the federal government could find itself facing billions of dollars in liability claims.
-Noel Brinkerhoff
Military Faces Challenge to Malpractice Shield (by Mitch Stacy, Associated Press)
Alexis Witt v. United States of America U.S. Court of Appeals for Ninth Circuit) (pdf)

We, are the Last person on earth to campaign for Government redistribution of goods and services - Healthcare Especially - but our VA is a different story altogether. Our Veterans are VOLUNTEERS, Not Draftees. They contracted to risk life and limb for the rest of us, and being told that injuries and death they sustain in a Veterans Hospital is in Any way similar to injuries and death in any other area of their service, is completely unacceptable. And it's been going on for 60 Years? On TOP of poisoning them with Mind Control Drugs?

Our VA Knows, And Officially ADMITS, that None of their garbage, Psychiatric drugs, goofball Psychiatric theories, and related mind-control, Bio-$cienced FRAUD have produced any positive outcome to date, None.

Dear Department Of Veterans Affairs, An Open Letter



A review of existing algorithms, including VA National Guidelines, APA, the Texas Medication Algorithm Project (TMAP), and PORT was conducted. After careful consideration, a modified version of TMAP was selected, and named the New Jersey Algorithm.

The sequence includes two trials of atypical antipsychotics followed by a Clozaril trial. If no favorable response is observed, a third atypical neuroleptic is tried, followed by a typical neuroleptic, followed by a combination of antipsychotic medications. The consensus of the internal advisory committee was to provide a flexible algorithm that will allow for minor modifications as new research is disseminated. Though a positive outcome has not been observed with the NJ Algorithm to date, researchers suspect that a larger sample size might generate significant findings in the future.

Let's hope the Supremes hear this issue, and get it right. Then perhaps it will open a crack in the Mind Control Flop the VA is running as well and we'll get a little closer to Officially outlawing All of these Psychiatric clowns and their No Positive Outcome.

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