Friday, January 8, 2010

Healthcare Deform: State AGs V The Nebraska Compromise

Legalnewsline has:

Senate Healthcare Deal Draws Republican AGs Ire

And the Star Telegram has:

Greg Abbott, Other State AGs Take Aim At The 'Nebraska Compromise' Health Bill

Now that we've seen how Nebraska is more equal than the other 49 States: to pass a Takeover Bill which the Citizenry overwhelmingly Does Not Want, let's yet again look at how some Professions, ...... are More Equal than others.

Newsweek (2008) has:

When Doctors Kill Themselves.

"So why aren't depressed docs seeking treatment for a common illness that millions of Americans have learned to manage with therapy and readily available medications? Because they worry—not without reason—that if they admit to a mental-health problem they could lose respect, referrals, income and even their licenses." .....
"One way to address physician suicide, says Reynolds, is to focus on medical students and residents, since depression often starts in young adulthood. Medical schools across the country have launched programs that, among other things, guarantee students who seek help that it will not appear on their records. , .....

....., "If we teach doctors to recognize depression in themselves," says Dr. Paula Clayton, the foundation's medical director, "they will recognize it in their patients." And then everybody will feel better."

That's right, Everybody will Feel Better, ..... after the vested interests funding this protectionist pill peddling racket make certain that the people Selling their Antidepressants, Antipsychotics, Anticonvulsants etc, ..... are safe and secure from being deemed Officially, Incurably, ' Mentally Ill' under the Same BILLING codes Psychiatry peddles all day every day, ....... .


susan said...

Bunker is blogging! And kicking a** again! Hurray!

Brilliant piece... umm. maybe wrong word to use but a brilliant article none the less...

D Bunker said...

Susan; The Newsweek piece poses a very disturbing question.

How many Doctors, who peddle these drugs, are themselves operating in a state of impaired judgment due to their Own, Psych Drug Intoxications, ..... while the System keeps them off the radar?